Obama Gonna Take Your Guns Ilegal!

I bought three of em since the bad news.  Its like when the Natzis took over Hitler put gun control on Germany than did his horror.  The librals gonna take all the guns away and send you to a military prison for people Obama doesnt like.  We all gotta stay safee from this communist take over.


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    Kristiina Says:

    I’m a conservative christian living in northern Europe and I have to say that this website must be a joke… I’m sorry to say, that I have felt very embarrassed while reading this web site. In many occasions it’s difficult to understand what you are trying to say. And you are spreading false information (like the “Obama gonna take your guns ilegal”). Have you ever read the Ten Commandments, especially Deut. 5:20
    You probably don’t know anything about politics and you are just spreading around your prejudices about current matters.
    Roman Empire was far from being a perfect political system (and yes christians were persecuted severely then, something that us western people have very little idea about!! We are free to assemble and practise our faith, but the early church was not!!!) but still Paul told christians to be submissive to the authorities (Romans 12).
    That doesn’t mean that you should not be critical, of course you should, but please don’t believe that republican party has fallen from the heaven to solve all your problems. There’s good and bad in both of the parties. For example the conservatives in republican party are very indifferent about environmental issues. And we were created “to tend and watch over the land”…
    Did you know that because we westerns are so selfish and refuse to reduce emissions and pollutions that we are accelerating the green house affect, global warming etc? The green house affect causes unstable weather conditions and other problems, and the third world countries are the ones who are paying for it. Not very christian of us!!!
    So please get yourself educated, being ignorant is something that you should NOT be proud of!!
    BTW, English is not my native language but it’s “fearing not feering”…

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