Stupid Evolution Lovers

I was reading the Christian Blogs on Wordpres and saw a though was a good Christian web blog.  But its note!  I cant bleve the kind of filth people are alwed to print on the internet these days.  Look at this!  It’s called The Ape That Spoke and its a love poem for evolution.  Talks about all kinds of stupid junk like how people are retard babes from monkeys having sex.  We have laws about obsense and seems like they dont apply to when librals brake them.  It’s really kind of sad.  This is what keeps us in a world that God cant be proud of.  Why do we “tolerate” this kind of rubish?

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Anyone else noticed how this kind of race bating against Good Christians has gone up since they let that immigrant muslim win THAT MEANS STEAL the election?  Guy doesnt ven have a birth cirtificate and hes president and already hes stirring up all the other radicals.

Why is it all evolution lovers are athiests?


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    gabriel Says:

    hay, man, your super awsome. I love you’re wrighting alot, you alweys speek the truth no mater what. Don’t let the internet shut you down dude, because after all you now the internet is run by librals.

    Im totally sending your blog adress to Sara Palin (for president of america) because shell totally love it. This is the kind of real journalism that CNN (wich stands for comunists, negros, and non-cristians) shoud have on there chanel!!1!1!!

    keep the fath brother

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