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People Selling There Kids for Marriage and Beer

January 23, 2009

First they let the homosexuals marry and then Obama steps in as preseident, and look what happens.  This illegal immigrant sold his daughter for beer.  It was gonna be a arranged marrage, but the guy he sold her to only wanted to have sex with her and not pay the guy.  So he called the police.

That guy’s gonna rot in jail.  Unless Obama shuts down all the jails to, like Gitmo Bay.  Putting people in jail for child molesting is to mean for a soft on crime libral.

Her’s what CNN said and there the Communist News Network so its really hard for them to say this

All those involved in the case are from the western Mexican state of Oaxaca, the police chief said. In the Oaxacan community, such an agreement is “normal and honorable,” he said. “In California, it’s against the law.”

But not Lou Dobbs.  He’s the only one I can watch.  On the hole channel.  Anyway, back to the point.  This is why we need to secure teh borders from illegal immigrants.  They want to take our jobs, and it looks like they wanna buy are daughters, too.

What a word.  He only called the cops cause the other guy didnt pay.  Look what the cops said:

“Arranged marriages are common in several cultures, and this is not an issue among consenting adults over the age of 18,” police said in the statement. “But California has several laws regarding minors, the age of consent and human trafficking.”

Police are trying to be culturally sensitive, Grebmeier told CNN, but “when I’m in Mexico, I have to respect Mexican laws. When you’re in the United States, you have to respect United States laws. That’s the bottom line.

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Impeach Obama

January 21, 2009

Hes not even a citizen.  Why cant he produce his birth sertificate?  I mean they let him be president and he cant even find his papers?  The guy wasnt born here, hes not one of us.

Theres lots of suport for a impeachment.  All the last 8 years we heard “Impeach Bush” over and over and over again cause he made us a safer country and took out threats before they could get us.  Now I say we give em a taste of there medicine.  Librals want a impeaching so bad, I say we give em one.
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Bunny That Eats Jews (HAMAS Propaganda)

January 18, 2009

Wow its amazing.  HAMAS the trrorist orginazation has a jew eating bunny rabbit.  Thats right, a jew eating rabbit.

Its a childrens show.  On TV.  His brother died and got sick and his older brother got killed by a Israli soldier.  I guess Palestinians dont live long.  Ha ha!

So this is the kind of way they recruiting little kids to go blow up jews with a car full of bombs.  All the time they send bombs and missles into Israel.  Why do all the jew hating anti-semitical leftys say Israel cant defend i tself now?  Cause they share HAMAS goal to wipe the jews off the map.
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The Evils of Abortion Land Culture

January 14, 2009

Vacine that keeps kids from getting sick is made of aborted babies.  Proof here.  I dont even no what to say.  This is so wrong I wish God would just put an end to it.  But He wants us to do that to pave a lite in the world.

Left Wingers Love Drugs & Obama

January 13, 2009

Obamas gettin ready to take office.  He’s not even a citisen hes from Indonesia people, and he’s gonna be president #45.  What kind of anti-constitution is that?

Librals don’t care about the constituion they care about drugs.  Pretty soon Obamas gonna have all the teachers in public schools telling kids “drugs evolved to get you high.”  That’s gonna be policy.  Mandatory evilution teachings and lots of marijuana for everyone.  Bet well spend so much on drugs fro the public we wont even half enough left for hte country.

Meanwile the war in Iraq is going great adn Obama wants to give up over there.
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Black People in the White House

January 9, 2009

I saw Obamas kids going to school in th news.  It’s really sickning.  He’s apointing all these Japan and Chinese people on the cabnit and some guy named Sanjay Gupida.  There gonna have Snopp Dog at the White House and Doctor Dray is gonna be surgon general.  Tupac will make all the laws.  Stealing from people will be a career path soon.

Malike and Sanja - The Obama Kids

Malike and Sanja - The Obama Kids

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My Favorite Al Gore Lies

January 7, 2009

Al Gore made a movie caled A Inconvenient Pack of Lies.  It was really bad, don’t ever watch it.  They try to teach this at libral universities where they discriminate and only hire democrat teachers and try to indoctronate your kids.  Anyway, I found proof – a list of things Al Gore lied about in his Hollywood movie.  This is some of my favorites:

  1. Al Gore said Lake Chad is drying up.  It also dryed up in 8,500 BC.  And in 5,000 BC.  And in 1,000 BC.  Liar!!
  2. Al Gore says polar bears are dying.  It was only 4 of them and it was a really bad storm!  There’s more polar bares now than there ever was, at any point in history.  Its 5x more of them than there were in 1940.  There doing great.  We should be so lucky.  Remember, they eat people if they get a chance.  Liar!
  3. Al Gore says coral reefs are bleeching, but it’s El Nino, not global warming.  Liar!!!
  4. Al Gore says the Artic getting super hot really fast.  It’s colder than in 1940 and they have more polar bears.  Liar!
  5. Al Gore said Peru is deprived of its glacier but it never had one in 10,000 years.  What a liar!
  6. Al Gore says all the glaciers in the world are gonna be gone.  Maybe that’s kinda true, but it was started in 1800 before there was a global warming.  So I guess he’s not really 100% lying on that one, but he’s pulilng tricks on you.
  7. Al Gore says carbon dioxide is pollution but I read on the internet it’s not, and the forested woods are healthier than theyve ever been thanks to the carbon dioxide.

Here’s where I just read about all of this.  Even a English court said Al Gore is a lair.  And those English are deviants like Richard Dawkins and they had to admit it.
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