My Favorite Al Gore Lies

Al Gore made a movie caled A Inconvenient Pack of Lies.  It was really bad, don’t ever watch it.  They try to teach this at libral universities where they discriminate and only hire democrat teachers and try to indoctronate your kids.  Anyway, I found proof – a list of things Al Gore lied about in his Hollywood movie.  This is some of my favorites:

  1. Al Gore said Lake Chad is drying up.  It also dryed up in 8,500 BC.  And in 5,000 BC.  And in 1,000 BC.  Liar!!
  2. Al Gore says polar bears are dying.  It was only 4 of them and it was a really bad storm!  There’s more polar bares now than there ever was, at any point in history.  Its 5x more of them than there were in 1940.  There doing great.  We should be so lucky.  Remember, they eat people if they get a chance.  Liar!
  3. Al Gore says coral reefs are bleeching, but it’s El Nino, not global warming.  Liar!!!
  4. Al Gore says the Artic getting super hot really fast.  It’s colder than in 1940 and they have more polar bears.  Liar!
  5. Al Gore said Peru is deprived of its glacier but it never had one in 10,000 years.  What a liar!
  6. Al Gore says all the glaciers in the world are gonna be gone.  Maybe that’s kinda true, but it was started in 1800 before there was a global warming.  So I guess he’s not really 100% lying on that one, but he’s pulilng tricks on you.
  7. Al Gore says carbon dioxide is pollution but I read on the internet it’s not, and the forested woods are healthier than theyve ever been thanks to the carbon dioxide.

Here’s where I just read about all of this.  Even a English court said Al Gore is a lair.  And those English are deviants like Richard Dawkins and they had to admit it.

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  1. 1
    Ree Says:

    “Al Gore says carbon dioxide is pollution but I read on the internet it’s not”
    I read on the internet that Jesus was from Australia, doesn’t mean it’s true, mate.

    Plus you just saying “liar” at the end of his quotes proves nothing. Al Gore says that climate shift does happen in patterns throughout thousands of years, but it is more than three times as bad as it has ever been. So maybe you should watch it again without being so ignorant.

    By the way, I’m English, thanks for the comment.

  2. 2
    Stephen Says:

    Ree: You just saying he isn’t a liar isn’t any more credible. You sound like you need proof but you accept Al Gore word for Global Warming with lies. First sign that a Liberal is lying is he changes the name of the subject. Now they call it climate change since it has been proven with facts that the world in fact is not Warming, specially not from effects of Man.

    This crap has been going on since the 50’s and it has been disproven for 50 years.

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