Left Wingers Love Drugs & Obama

Obamas gettin ready to take office.  He’s not even a citisen hes from Indonesia people, and he’s gonna be president #45.  What kind of anti-constitution is that?

Librals don’t care about the constituion they care about drugs.  Pretty soon Obamas gonna have all the teachers in public schools telling kids “drugs evolved to get you high.”  That’s gonna be policy.  Mandatory evilution teachings and lots of marijuana for everyone.  Bet well spend so much on drugs fro the public we wont even half enough left for hte country.

Meanwile the war in Iraq is going great adn Obama wants to give up over there.
NBA New Orleans Hornets from Fanzz


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    Adam Says:

    What an uneducated dumbass!! Go back to 8th grade where you dropped out and learn some facts!!

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