Bunny That Eats Jews (HAMAS Propaganda)

Wow its amazing.  HAMAS the trrorist orginazation has a jew eating bunny rabbit.  Thats right, a jew eating rabbit.

Its a childrens show.  On TV.  His brother died and got sick and his older brother got killed by a Israli soldier.  I guess Palestinians dont live long.  Ha ha!

So this is the kind of way they recruiting little kids to go blow up jews with a car full of bombs.  All the time they send bombs and missles into Israel.  Why do all the jew hating anti-semitical leftys say Israel cant defend i tself now?  Cause they share HAMAS goal to wipe the jews off the map.

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Dont believe me?  Hers the proof:  http://www.news.com.au/story/0,23599,23207412-1702,00.html


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