Impeach Obama

Hes not even a citizen.  Why cant he produce his birth sertificate?  I mean they let him be president and he cant even find his papers?  The guy wasnt born here, hes not one of us.

Theres lots of suport for a impeachment.  All the last 8 years we heard “Impeach Bush” over and over and over again cause he made us a safer country and took out threats before they could get us.  Now I say we give em a taste of there medicine.  Librals want a impeaching so bad, I say we give em one.

NHL Philadelphia Flyers Home & Office from Fanzz

Obamas not a citizen he cant be president, so the CONSTUTION gave us a way to remove him.  If we didnt have a democrat senate, this kind of law breaking never would of hapened.  We have to undo it.  Rite all your people in goverment and tell them you want to product the constitution.


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    Chris Says:

    Man. I like your views, but you’ve got to use spell check. I can’t be taking up for you on these comments with that spelling. 🙂

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