Blashpemy on Yahoo Answers

I think this kinda thing should be ilegal:

>why do Atheists make fun of christians?

Well, given that christians believe they are being watched over by a cosmic jewish zombie, who was his own father, who requires you to symbolically eat his flesh while telepathically communicating with him so that he can remove a taint from your soul which is present because a rib-woman was once convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magical tree, you must admit it’s a little hard NOT to make fun of them.

I dunno how that’s legal?  Shouldnt be allowed to talk like that in public.  Think about all the kids that are being harmed!

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    Mr Truth Says:

    *Turns on flashlight and shines it in the dark blog room in a nervous matter as you never know when an Atheist or some other Anti-God person will pop out of the shadows and scream at you*


    Like I said somewhere in the bottom of one of my posts they should make a law that allows someone to be shot or beat up if they attack a church in any way cause if they are attacking a church they are attacking the people and if they are attacking the people for their belief they are attacking God directly.

    *Hand inches towards safety knife in case his comment is attacked*

    *Goes out the back door and heads towards the car that is parked down the street so the Atheists can’t jot down the license plate number for a future attack/assault*

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