Why Hate The Surrendered Wife?

I keep reading how all kindsof people hate this book. I jus dont get it. For a while I thought it was just jelousy, but thats not it. Heres how I figure:  seems like it gotta be jealousy, cause Laura Doyle is going around showing women how to be truley happy in there marriages.  But unGodlyness makes librals happy.  Doing stuff like trading “gender roles” and demasculating people and celebrating homosexuality makes them happy.  So if they already got that, they probly aren’t jealous.

So why do they hate The Surrendered Wife then? It makes the feminazi angry.  Part cause there ignorant.  Lara Doyle isnt making women be abused.  She tells them to leave imediately if there with violent people or drug adicts.  Or other kinds of scumbags.  Nothing bad or abuse or illegal or immoral or anything like that at all.

What it does saying is sometimes if theres a problem people should try another way.  If that one isnt working, another road might.  So try God’s way.  That’s all.  And its not like she’s barking orders or anything.  Lara tells her own story, and how it helped her.  Shes just telling women to try valuing intimacy instead of control in there marriage.  Is that so wrong?

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And what kind of critisism is it getting?  Heres a typical example – its a commend from the penut gallery:

I think it is pathetic to mollycoddle and flatter up a man so as to keep him”sweet”–its entirely dishonest. Both myself and my daughter havw tried this “experiment” in the past–before this idea was around–both of us only managed a week then gave up in hysterics, the men lapped it up and were livid when they realised what we had been doing! We are both single again I might add, hip hop horrah, no messy man to make a nuisance of himself and to pander to! What a silly woman!

So I guess if you think all men are nusance and want to die alone, youl probably hate this book to.

Why dos feminism want all woman to be unhappy?  If a woman wants to choose her own kinda hapiness, why cant she?



  1. 1
    Kati Says:

    “Part cause there ignorant.”

    Ok, so I don’t disagree with everything you are saying about marriage here, but I do resent your attack of liberals. Because if you are going to call us ignorant, you first have to use the correct form of there – which in this sentence would be “they’re,” a contraction of “They ARE ignorant.” Secondly, I shouldn’t call that quote a sentence because it is, in actuality, a fragment.”

    How are we “liberals” to take you seriously? You are demonstrating your lack of education in this blog, and you are doing more damage to your party’s arguments than good.

    And my mother wonders why I say all the people I know “with real BRAINS” vote democratically!

  2. 2
    Tammy Says:

    People might take you a little more seriously if you learn how to spell.

  3. 3
    mason Says:

    whoever wrote this blog is borderline illiterate and profoundly stupid.

  4. 4
    happiness3695 Says:

    You are right ON! The TRUE women’s FREEDOM and LIBERATION is to be able to choose her own happiness WITHOUT SOCIETY’S JUDGEMENT or BEING LOOKED DOWN UPON, which is fear or discrimination/bully tactics that FORCE other happy women into submissive attitude toward feminism doctrine!!!

    Hey, how can Govt make TWICE amount of TAX $$$ without promoting ALL women for career?? so OBEY the Govt and get your man or children out of the way?? huh?

    How can TWO people[a man and a woman] make ONE decision??? HOW??? SHOW ME how TWO CEO can run ONE company!!!

  5. 5
    Mr Truth Says:

    Crazy world we live in I tell you.

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