Libtards Kill Fisheremen

They closed fishing of Alaska.  The hole Artic is some kind of unofficial marine santuary now, like a big national park.  What’s wrong with people?  They have this end of the world fantasy and now there closing stuff down.

Basicaly some moralizing librals decided fish is nature, so its wrong to eat them.  Like its a sin or something for America to have a livelyhood.  Its Gods PlanThese people, fishing is there job, and its how most people eat.  It’s not a sin!!  God made fish and there subserviant to humans, He put em there for us to eat.  And he made it so wed have to work for it, to keep us honest.  Fishing plays a role in Gods plan.

And its only cause they dont no!  Its not they say its gonna bring Armegeddon, they just don’t have any idea.  Typical libtard move, if there too stupid, they want to punish everyone and destroy capitalism.

Arctic Fishing Area Closed Due to Global Warming

Sunday February 8, 2009

Golf Gloves from GolfEtail

In a proactive move, the North Pacific Fishery Management Council voted unanimously to prohibit commercial fishing in almost 200,000 square miles of U.S. waters in the Chukchi and Beaufort seas off Alaska and Russia due to concerns about global warming. No fishing currently exists in this area, but as arctic ice melting makes more water available for fishing, fishermen and environmentalists alike are concerned that there is not enough data on the area or capacity to manage fishing there if fishing interests move in too soon.

If caution isn’t used, sea birds, seals, whales, invertebrate and fish species that call the area home, along with Native populations who survive on some of these species, could be affected.

A fishing boat


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    Mr Truth Says:

    In reality the world’s temperature has remained steady since 1998 and has made a lowering trend since 2007. I belive it’s something weird like a 0.74 of a degree and continuing.

    Last year Alaska had either the coolest or next to the coolest on record and they almost didn’t have a summer.

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