The Depravedness of Libral Democrats

This is some picturs from a libral tradition of celebrity awards.  Its just like the Oscars where they have George Cloony blab on and on about how much he hates George Bush, only they have all kinds of flavors.  This one is for music.

If you have kids, dont let them see this, and for the love of God, keep them away from these sleazy libral festivals on the TV.  I’m only showing you this because there ar a lot of good Christians out there that dont know how bad its got.

This is Madonna or Linsy Lohan or someone like that.

Sick and wrong

Sick and wrong

Now if you were this womans parents, would you be proud?

MLS Houston Dynamo Drinkware from Fanzz

Hers another example of a prostitute that likes to tell you to vote for democrats.



They tell yougn people to rock the vote, then they bring this kind of filth out.  Librals are just depraved.


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    ultimateunderachiever Says:

    Love this post. yes, those darned libruls…putting on such a spectacle that even God above cringes at the site of it. If only I didn’t find it so sexy…seriously, sometimes it just makes me wanna touch myself, then I feel gilty. But God forgives because He knows we are all sin. So its OK and I feel better.

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