Evolution = Circular Logic

Evilution means survival of the fitest.  But fit dont mean strong and it don’t mean smart, it means you survived.  So evolution is survival of hte ones that survived.



  1. 1
    angryxtian Says:

    Evolution is a sinful theory by a man who didnt even belive in it. Darwin repented on his deathbed and gave up his theory and took faith and saved his everlasting soul.

    Evolution is a circular logic because it says survival of the fitest, and the fit are th eones that survive. Its survival of the people who survived.

    And anyway how did it all get started in the first place without God? I don’t mean the silly big bang theory, I mean how did rocks start to be alive so they could have mutant babys that were smarter than them? It doesnt make any sense at al.

    God created us in his image.

  2. 2
    Dante Says:

    “The wise man is the one who knows that he knows nothing”

    Angryxtian, your comment requires a long and detailed explanation of evolutionary theory.

    However, let me put this to you: how does ‘God’ explain where we came from? Now, think about this – even if you accepted that we were created by ‘God’ or a designer of some sort, this then begs the question of who created ‘God’? And then who created the creator of God, and so on, and so on…

    You end up with a reductio ad absurdum: an explanation which does explain anything but rather avoids the whole question of the mechanics of creation and development of Life.

    Evolution is an elegant and powerful theory, which seeks to explain the origins of Life in a way that religious theories completely avoid.

    Oh, and by the way, reports of Darwin’s deathbed recantation are to be treated with more than a pinch of salt. Furthermore, even if he had recanted, how would this in any way have invalidated his Theory?For example, if Galileo had recanted his theories on a heliocentric universe, would that have made it not true -well of course not!

  3. 3
    Another Liberal Says:

    Life on earth started with cells. and by the way I am catholic so. I believe both God and evolution exist, see my belief is that God started life some other place, we got hit by a meteor it brought cells with it, those cells got together and made and organism, over time that type of organism evolved, and God made it all happen. See they can exist at the same time.

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