Scientists Prove Man Needs GOD

In a landmarking study that went on for 30 years, scientists found out that society cant exist without people beleiving in God.  Without knowing God created the world for us, people can’t trust each other.  It would be constant war plus if no one trusts no one, its no towns no farming no trade no society.

Her’s a quote:

All studies disprove atheists’ thoughts, in this very recent study , scientists emphasize that religion helps man in happiness, existence and optimism ….

A group of scientists from the British University of Columbia emphasize, through a chain of scientific researches, that there is no life on earth without the existence of religion. Religion was and is still a must for man’s existence within regulated societies. They have reached this conclusion after careful examining of the conditions of a group of atheists and comparing them with the conditions of a group of God believers.

Men’s Sunglasses from Tactics
Atheists always suffer worrying and instability that are manifested in their reactions , excitements and even in their way of responding to my questions , while believers haven’t any kind of worry or frustration thanking Allah in all situations whether good or bad. Also, I have found out that whenever man’s belief , certitude and trust in God increase, his happiness increases and he becomes immune to depression.

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  1. 1
    Dante Says:

    I’m afraid you have read too much into the study. A quick read of the original article reveals that religion is seen as but one factor in the development of large stable societies in early history. The quote in the post doesn’t come from the article itself ( but from a fundamentalist muslim web commentators.

    Currently, religiosity indicates a greater likelihood for trust, etc only under strict psychological conditions.

    The study also points out that in today’s world religion has no monopoly on kind and generous behaviour. In many findings, non-believers acted as prosocially as believers. The last several hundred years has seen the rise of non-religious institutional mechanisms that include effective policing, courts and social surveillance.

    “Some of the most cooperative modern societies are also the most secular,” says Ara Norenzayan [one of the report’s creators]. “People have found other ways to be cooperative – without God.”

    So sorry, mate, but scientists have not proved that Man needs God.

  2. 2
    suzy c Says:

    this site has been the most fun i’ve had in a while. thank you. if it’s a joke, it’s pure genius! if it isn’t, well, thanks for the laughs!!!

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