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The Missing LInk Debunked

October 23, 2009

I want to bring everybodys attention to a web blog thats about faith in God and Jesus.  Its called Defend the Word.  He published a article that tells the truth CNN wont tell you about the so called missing link Ida.

Yep, that’s right.  The missing link is still missing.

Here is the address:

To show you why you should give this man a few minutes of your time and hear what he has to say, I want to show you the begining of what he wrote about this important topic.

Good news for creation narrative and ID proponents and I’m sorry to say yet more bad news for Evolution, now that “Finally discovered missing link” is discovered not to be the missing link after all. Should we go back to the fact that we don’t have the missing link now? Good to see the retraction except now we have no big advertisement no big media coverage press conference with David Attenborough or National geographic. Will they own up now and say we still have the problem of missing link? I doubt it but at least they don’t persist with the lie, and that can only be good.

And just to make sure no one forgot.  This is such a important topic because the militant atheists like Dawkins and Sam Harris and Drunk Hitchens and more of them.  They tell are children lies that we came from mud that decided to be alive one day and became a fish frog monkey.

That’s where they tell children they came from, and there’s no purpose in life and no morality.  They tell people the Bible is just another book, that you can do whatever you want, if it feels good do it.  This is why we have drug addiction and AIDS.  Social Darwinism even convinced Adolph Hitler to kill all the jews so he could breed a perfect race.

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How to Defeat the Mentally Ill (Atheists)

October 11, 2009

I just read this great article by a genius named “Brinwright”.  He says

Atheism is a mental illness because it is nothing more than a cry for attention. Most of these atheists are extremely intelligent people, highly educated, and passionate about being an atheist, denying the existence of God, and viciously ridiculing folks like me who challenge their false belief. It forces you to work on your ability to be patient in the face of real ugliness.

Here’s the clincher proof he found that defeats any argument any athiest can throw at you.

I ask them to give me a single example of anything, outside of what they call nature, that came into being without intelligent direction. Of course, they can not. Everything manufactured by man required intelligent direction, right? Of course.

They just can’t get by that one. Because its true. He has a point. Everything in the world has a begining and people have one to and its God made us.

Heres what other people are saying

Good article, because the atheists are usually lefty loonies in this country, and their style of freedom actually is nothing more than bondage. Morality is repugnant to them, and most likely have had few truly intimate relationships because of it – since how in the world can you trust someone whose moral compass is merely whatever “feels good,” and if you get hurt in a relationship with me, “that’s your problem.”

And freedom to foist their “religion,” on the rest of the world is also much more vehemently pursued, than even the most evagelical pastor on most of these websites.

And heres how he answers the athiest and libtard critics.

Order? Think about your wristwatch. This represents order. However, that order did not simply happen without intelligent direction. Atheists believe such order can be produced without intelligent direction. That’s impossible.

Order? Think about the orderliness of a human being? Or an eagle? What I am saying to you is these things represent ORDER which could not exist without an organizing intelligence.

Atheists, like you, simply choose to ignore common sense, and cry out for attention with your nonsensical arguments. You asked for PROOF?

How about a wristwatch, a human being and an eagle. Of course, there are literally billions of other examples of ORDERLINESS (ORDER) I could cite too. However, you are an atheist, which translates into idiot.

Oh, by the way, does the earth revolve around the sun? Heliocentrists believe it does but Geocentrists believe it does not. I am not sure. But, whatever is actually happening is ORDERLY!

Atheists, like you, are so clearly angry at organized religion for some reason, maybe your catholic priest rejected you after you fell in love with him? I don’t know why you have become mentally ill, but to reason that highly complex, super sophisticated forms of ORDER just happened, just created themselves without any intelligence directing the process, is absolutely MENTAL ILLNESS.

Just think about how ridiculous you sound. You act as if I am rejecting science. No, I am simply rejecting your interpretation of science.

Like I asked before, NAME ONE ORDERLY PROCESS OR ORGANISM that did not require some directing intelligence and I’ll kiss your atheistic ass.
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Five things that would make atheists seem nicer

October 2, 2009

I think folks should read this.  Just ignore th comments from Satan’s army.

How To Fight Demons in Your Mind

February 16, 2009

I read a magnifisant web blog page about what to do if demons are trying to build a home in your mind.  But this only works for good Christians.  If your not a believe in God the demons who get you will eat your mind.  First you have to memorize the 10 comandments.  Thats easy.  If you dont no em, get out your Bible!!!!

My friend has this advice:

And once you are fully aware that a voice or image inside your head is NOT from God and NOT from you, then the only other option is demons. Even memories: demons have the ability to dredge up stuff to tempt or torment you. As a matter of fact, there is even a type of demon called a “memory recall demon.” So, you CANNOT entertain the thoughts or the demons that send them. You CANNOT try to justify, rationalize, figure out, etc. the thoughts. You MUST IMMEDIATELY RESIST THE DEMONS AND TELL THEM TO LEAVE YOUR MIND USING THE NAME AND POWER OF JESUS CHRIST. Now realize this: only people who have made Jesus Christ their Lord and Savior have this power. If you have not, take care of it right now so that you can begin reclaiming your mind.

He also says you have to say it out loud to fight the daemons.  Its spiritual war.  Has to come from your heart to make it real.

Why is this importent now?  People are all going gaga over Obama.  They thing hes a new messia.  They think hes the second coming.  People fall in love with him and they dont even no why.  I think this sounds like demonic posession to me.  How else coudl a whole country legalize baby murder for 30 years?  More!  Society keeps moving farther and father away from God’s law.  So its time to reclaim America the land of God.  And if were gonna do that, it means th deamons will try to stop us.  So we have to be ready.
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My Favorite Al Gore Lies

January 7, 2009

Al Gore made a movie caled A Inconvenient Pack of Lies.  It was really bad, don’t ever watch it.  They try to teach this at libral universities where they discriminate and only hire democrat teachers and try to indoctronate your kids.  Anyway, I found proof – a list of things Al Gore lied about in his Hollywood movie.  This is some of my favorites:

  1. Al Gore said Lake Chad is drying up.  It also dryed up in 8,500 BC.  And in 5,000 BC.  And in 1,000 BC.  Liar!!
  2. Al Gore says polar bears are dying.  It was only 4 of them and it was a really bad storm!  There’s more polar bares now than there ever was, at any point in history.  Its 5x more of them than there were in 1940.  There doing great.  We should be so lucky.  Remember, they eat people if they get a chance.  Liar!
  3. Al Gore says coral reefs are bleeching, but it’s El Nino, not global warming.  Liar!!!
  4. Al Gore says the Artic getting super hot really fast.  It’s colder than in 1940 and they have more polar bears.  Liar!
  5. Al Gore said Peru is deprived of its glacier but it never had one in 10,000 years.  What a liar!
  6. Al Gore says all the glaciers in the world are gonna be gone.  Maybe that’s kinda true, but it was started in 1800 before there was a global warming.  So I guess he’s not really 100% lying on that one, but he’s pulilng tricks on you.
  7. Al Gore says carbon dioxide is pollution but I read on the internet it’s not, and the forested woods are healthier than theyve ever been thanks to the carbon dioxide.

Here’s where I just read about all of this.  Even a English court said Al Gore is a lair.  And those English are deviants like Richard Dawkins and they had to admit it.
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Obama Palls Wth Murderers To? Suicidals To.

October 30, 2008

Heres a news story I just red. Obama’s budy on the looney extremist libral left winger site HuffingtonPo, killed her boyfriend by stabbing him a hole buncha times, then killed herself.  And Obama palls around with her!  Theres a saying show me your friends and itll show me what htey say about you.

Smartest People on the Internet

August 24, 2008

If yall dont alrady know about Triablogue your cheating yourself.  Gotta go check that on out.

Hamas Stop Being Terrorists

August 13, 2008

The leader of Hamas converted to Christianity.  Now that they’re not being led by merderous Muslims and there a Christian organization, Hamas will lay there guns down and stop the violence.  They won’t be terrorists anymore.

This is graet amazing news!  It could finally mean peace in the Middel East there’s never been for my hole life.  And it could mean mostly peace for Israel, too.  Hamas were a bunch of terrorists trying to destroy Israel.  They said things like “drive them into the sea” and “wipe them of the map.”

Do you know how grate this is for President Bush!  He proved his stlyle of democracy what the Democrats hate really works and saves lives!

Democrat Alaska Ted Stevens To Be Punished

August 7, 2008

I finaly understand it.  I just read how Ted Stevens ( D:ALASKA ) is actually a democrat.  All this time I thote he was a Republican, but I guess that’s just the libral media lieing to me.  They like there “re-education” programs and there “fairnes doctrin.”  We al no he’s a corrupt pork barel, but now it all makes sense.  There just trying to slander good Republicans.

Th prove is right here on this guy’s web blog its called Federal Way Conservitave.  But I gotta worn ya its pretty bad stuff.  I mean what kinda real conservative is for the federal way?  If you have to turn your back on states rites, your not a conservative.  You might as well cal yourself a libral democrat like Ted Kenedy and Ted Stevens.  They just want to make a strong federal way of bullying us around and taking away are religion and are rural way of life.  The federal way is how some PC nazi in San Francisco pushes the gay agenda thru some activist juge and try to call children obscene or sue us for having Bibles.
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Christians Heros of Mine

July 30, 2008

Here ar some of my personil insparation heros of mine that I want to be more like and do a beter job of carying out Jesus work:

I only got on thing to tell you Scott.  Obama aint Jesus, and you better stop you blasphemy sinning before Jugement Day comes round.

Obama Is To Dumb To Be President

July 2, 2008

He’s really dumb! Obama id really dumb!!!!How can the demoturds call George Bush stupid and then not see how dumb Barak Hussein Obama is! I dont get it. Thats probably why drug users votes for democrats like Obama, They cant tell he’s dummer than them.

Rembemer these are the people who say Bush is dumb but he master minded some kind of globular oil conspiracy!
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ant Do Math Why Barak Obama Is Popular

July 1, 2008

Big thanks to Writen On The Wind Dancing Cloudes Sleeping Moon ( that sounds like a Indian name! ) for showing about Obama.  No why Hussein Obama might get elected?  Cause kids today can’t do math!  It’s true.  USA Today made a report:

Author Julie Greenberg said education students should be taking courses that give them a deeper understanding of arithmetic and multiplication. She said the courses should explain how math concepts build upon each other and why certain ideas need to be emphasized in the classroom.

Teacher candidates know their multiplication tables, but “they don’t come to us knowing why multiplication works the way it does,” said Denise Mewborn, who heads the University of Georgia department of math and science education.

That’s becase liberals set up a communist education system with no insentives.  This is what Barak Obama wants to do.
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Praising God Is A Good Thing

June 5, 2008

God created the world we live in and he made it just rite for us.  HE put the earth at just the right distanse from the son so that we wouldnt be to hot or to cold.  He made gravity what we need for us to live.  Exactly the prefect amount of water so humans can survive.  Its great you can see from science how the world was made exactely how people need it to be.

And that’s a beatiful thing.  Plus God made all kinds of beauty for us to look at and sea that He loves us.  Like what our next president the war hero John MCCain said you can sea God every time you wach the sun set.
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Fossil People Footprints And Dinosaurs Found Together

May 28, 2008

Well this proves Creation, doesn’t it?  It showes that people and dinosaurs lived together.  Probly they were running to catch Noah’s Ark, that’s what it says in the paper.

Well if dinosors were killed 80 million years ago by a comet or whatever, and mamels showed up like 5 milion years ago, it would be impossible for them to walk togethr.  But they did, and the fossil record shows it.  This proofs evolution is false, and the “naturalistics” opinion is false.

Could they be mad later?  Sure, I wondered that to when I heard about it.  Only, these were made in the mud, and mud drys real fast.  So it couldn’t be.

Sciene is proving Christianity.
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