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God Is a Conservative

November 10, 2009

I guess that’s like saying the sun is warm and water is blue.  Being a conservitave is all about keeping God’s law.  In the world.  Think about it.  Librals are always the ones who try to turn every society there in against God’s tradition.

Here’s 10 proofs.

  1. Killing babys?  That’s a libral thing to do.  Some activist judges made the wrong call in Roe vs. Wade (who lied about being raped by the way under oath!) and now every libral in America wants the goverment to pay for free abortions for all, and call it “health care”.
  2. Family.  Only conservative puts a focus on the family.  That means marriage is important, that means not killing children but growing them up instead.  Showing your son how to be a man.
  3. The Ten Commandments.  The libtarded ACLU actually made this illegal.  What more can I say?
  4. Evolution.  This is an athiest ploy, but it’s the librals that fell for it.  The democrat party wants us to think there the ones that are all about science so they suck up, and push evolution down your childrens throats in school.
  5. Michael Moore.  He’s like the Antichrist’s retarded brother.
  6. Israel.  Ever notice that all left wing radicals are palestine sympathizers who want to see are friends the Jews wiped off the map?
  7. Morals.  Sensative librals made it illegal for parents to spank there children.  They took morality out of the schools, so children grow up not learning how to be upstanding citizens members of society.  The world is falling apart because of the evrything goes experiment they’ve been allowed to pull off ever since Kennedy was president.  Look at the blatant sex all over the TV!
  8. Drugs.  Were taught the body is a temple, but the democrat party wants to legalize drugs.  Obama said they won’t prosecute marijuana anymore.
  9. Cultural filth.  See what the Hollyweird crowd did to us?  Brittney Spears on the magazines in grocery stores where mothers go shopping with there childen.  It’s the kind of decay like when Rome fell to the pagans.  Most young people would rather do blasphemy than go to church anymore, and street crime is rampant, citys aren’t safe places anymore.
  10. Terrorism.  Librals hate Jesus Christ, but they’re all super friendly with the Islamists.  It’s all about appologizing for Allah, letting terrorists go, and closing Guantanamo so we can get hit again.  God helps us when we help ourself.

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How To Fight Demons in Your Mind

February 16, 2009

I read a magnifisant web blog page about what to do if demons are trying to build a home in your mind.  But this only works for good Christians.  If your not a believe in God the demons who get you will eat your mind.  First you have to memorize the 10 comandments.  Thats easy.  If you dont no em, get out your Bible!!!!

My friend has this advice:

And once you are fully aware that a voice or image inside your head is NOT from God and NOT from you, then the only other option is demons. Even memories: demons have the ability to dredge up stuff to tempt or torment you. As a matter of fact, there is even a type of demon called a “memory recall demon.” So, you CANNOT entertain the thoughts or the demons that send them. You CANNOT try to justify, rationalize, figure out, etc. the thoughts. You MUST IMMEDIATELY RESIST THE DEMONS AND TELL THEM TO LEAVE YOUR MIND USING THE NAME AND POWER OF JESUS CHRIST. Now realize this: only people who have made Jesus Christ their Lord and Savior have this power. If you have not, take care of it right now so that you can begin reclaiming your mind.

He also says you have to say it out loud to fight the daemons.  Its spiritual war.  Has to come from your heart to make it real.

Why is this importent now?  People are all going gaga over Obama.  They thing hes a new messia.  They think hes the second coming.  People fall in love with him and they dont even no why.  I think this sounds like demonic posession to me.  How else coudl a whole country legalize baby murder for 30 years?  More!  Society keeps moving farther and father away from God’s law.  So its time to reclaim America the land of God.  And if were gonna do that, it means th deamons will try to stop us.  So we have to be ready.
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Obama’s White House is Imploding

February 5, 2009

He keeps hiring tax cheats who stole from America!  Worst job cuts month in history is when he took office.  Jan 2009.

He was gonna drain the swamps.  Said hed have the most ethical aministration in history.  Gonna get rid of revolving doors where people go from the senate to being lobbyists for pork barrels back to being in the senate.  And look at whats going on the last week or to.  Bunch of ex-senators have to step down cause they cheated on there taxs.
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People Selling There Kids for Marriage and Beer

January 23, 2009

First they let the homosexuals marry and then Obama steps in as preseident, and look what happens.  This illegal immigrant sold his daughter for beer.  It was gonna be a arranged marrage, but the guy he sold her to only wanted to have sex with her and not pay the guy.  So he called the police.

That guy’s gonna rot in jail.  Unless Obama shuts down all the jails to, like Gitmo Bay.  Putting people in jail for child molesting is to mean for a soft on crime libral.

Her’s what CNN said and there the Communist News Network so its really hard for them to say this

All those involved in the case are from the western Mexican state of Oaxaca, the police chief said. In the Oaxacan community, such an agreement is “normal and honorable,” he said. “In California, it’s against the law.”

But not Lou Dobbs.  He’s the only one I can watch.  On the hole channel.  Anyway, back to the point.  This is why we need to secure teh borders from illegal immigrants.  They want to take our jobs, and it looks like they wanna buy are daughters, too.

What a word.  He only called the cops cause the other guy didnt pay.  Look what the cops said:

“Arranged marriages are common in several cultures, and this is not an issue among consenting adults over the age of 18,” police said in the statement. “But California has several laws regarding minors, the age of consent and human trafficking.”

Police are trying to be culturally sensitive, Grebmeier told CNN, but “when I’m in Mexico, I have to respect Mexican laws. When you’re in the United States, you have to respect United States laws. That’s the bottom line.

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Left Wingers Love Drugs & Obama

January 13, 2009

Obamas gettin ready to take office.  He’s not even a citisen hes from Indonesia people, and he’s gonna be president #45.  What kind of anti-constitution is that?

Librals don’t care about the constituion they care about drugs.  Pretty soon Obamas gonna have all the teachers in public schools telling kids “drugs evolved to get you high.”  That’s gonna be policy.  Mandatory evilution teachings and lots of marijuana for everyone.  Bet well spend so much on drugs fro the public we wont even half enough left for hte country.

Meanwile the war in Iraq is going great adn Obama wants to give up over there.
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Black People in the White House

January 9, 2009

I saw Obamas kids going to school in th news.  It’s really sickning.  He’s apointing all these Japan and Chinese people on the cabnit and some guy named Sanjay Gupida.  There gonna have Snopp Dog at the White House and Doctor Dray is gonna be surgon general.  Tupac will make all the laws.  Stealing from people will be a career path soon.

Malike and Sanja - The Obama Kids

Malike and Sanja - The Obama Kids

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Sexist Pigs Killing Sarah Plain

October 1, 2008

There making her nervis so she don’t sound all professional like.  You can tell she’s just real anxous.  If she was on her own terf it would be fine.

But mark my words even if Mccain is a dirty libral, Palin beleves in God.

How Barak Obama Would Kill America

April 8, 2008

Everything comes down to race with him. Notice that?  He’s to hung up on the idea and evrything is a race issue as far as he’s conserned.

I just had this bad gut reaction to him and the more he spoke the less I liked him.  I don’t believe for two seconds that he isn’t a racist and that he doesn’t follow Rev Rite for a reason.  (He shars his beliefs!)

I think he’s not a real Aamerican and his wife is worse than he is what kind of woman is married to a man that is running for presidency yet has never had any pride in her country?

Jeral Deen Ferrarie was right, and it’s hard to imagine a democrat ever being right about anything, but she was.  When she said that Barak Obama wouldn’t be considered for the nomanation if he wasn’t black.

Brilliant! I’m Not THe Only One!!

April 7, 2008

Somebody at a web blog called “What People Like” had this to say on a subject the libtards like to beat me up on:

In spite of having access to the best health insurance and fanciest hospitals, white people are passionate about the idea of socialized medicine. So much so that they have memorized statistics and examples of how for-profit medicine has destroyed the United States.

But before you can exploit this information for personal gain, it’s important that you understand why white people are so in love with free health care.

The first and most obvious reason is “they have it Europe.” White people love all things European, this especially true of things that are unavailable in the United States (Rare Beers, Absinthe, legal marijuana, prostitution, soccer). The fact that it’s available in Canada isn’t really that impressive, but it does contribute to their willingness to threaten to move there.

These desires were only heightened in 2007 when Michael Moore released “Sicko,” a documentary that contrasts the health care industry in the United States with that of Canada, France and Cuba. As a general rule of thumb, white people are always extra passionate about issues that have been the subject of a Moore documentary. As a test, ask them about 9/11, Gun Control, or Health Care and then say “where did you get that information?” You will not be surprised at the results.

Truer words have never been spooken. What’s more:

Though their passion for national health care runs deep, it is important to remember that white people are most in favor of it when they are healthy. They love the idea of everyone have equal access to the resources that will keep them alive, that is until they have to wait in line for an MRI.

This is very similar to the way that white people express their support for public schools when they don’t have children.

Michael Moore

Look How The Green Party Spies On You!

April 3, 2008

They advocate looking in people’s windows when you aren’t home.  And people doubt these enviro-nazis are dangrous.

I Don’t Want Everyone To Have Health Care

March 28, 2008

Shrillary is still going on and on about universal health care like if it was some kind of good thing. Let me ask you this: Do you want some junkie shooting up heroine and then having unprotected sex in the hospital bed next to your aging mother in law? I didn’t think so.

Universal means everyone. Some people are too far gone and anti-social to be fit into the health care system without destroying it for everyone else. Is it really right that prostitutes should be able to prevent your son from having his braces taken out because the insurance company is broke fighting venereal disease? I know librals want to ruin America, but that’s too destructive even for Michael Moore if he thought about it for 10 minutes.

This is why socialism is wrong. Us responsible people who’ve been treating our bodies right because the Holy Ghost lives within each of us and we don’t want to sin against God shouldn’t be punished for doing good when everyone else is out doing drugs and havning teenage sex because they think they can tax us and make it better. Want an example? Look at Michael Moore – you really think a person that obese should be telling us about health?

How do alcoholics get cured? They hit rock bottom, then they turn their live over to God when they know they’ve lost control of it. And they learn there actions have consequences. When people do drugs and have sex with lots of partners they know they can count on everyone else to pay for their mistakes, so they don’t have to stop making them.

Plus health care is part of the gay agenda. Gays spread disease like AIDS and it’s very expensive to treat. So they want to take our money for it.

Proof This Is A Christian Country

March 17, 2008

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it

That’s the declaration of independence.  That’s when there started to be a United States of America.  And it was only in recognition of what God has given us all.

But athiests want to turn America into a communist country like Russia and outlaw god.  They’ve perverted us so much we let the ACLU force The Ten Commandments out of southern courthouses.  We need to alter it by voting in only good Christians.

Communist Liberal Idiot

Bush Doesn’t Read Newspapers – So What?

March 15, 2008

He reads the Bible, and that’s enough for me. That’s enough for God. All the liberal athiests can read The New York Times in Hell. Some people say when a soul gets there Satan gouges its eyes out and eats them, but maybe they have The Times in braille down there? I mean, it is Hell, after all. It’s a place of evil where God doesn’t reside. So I’m sure the NYT is welcome there.

Liberals and atheists like to make fun of the president because he was frank enough to say he doesn’t read the newspaper. So what? These are the same idiots who think George Bush is the stupidest man on earth and also masterminded a global oil conspiracy. Which one is it, liberals? You don’t even have to like Bush to know that’s retarded.

Seriously, do you want a president who wastes his time asking Anne Landers, or do you want a president who restores Christian Values to America? We lost so much ground under Clinton, with gays openly demoralizing the army, adultery in the oval orifice, and a general glorifying of wickedness. Some people believe 9/11 was God’s vengeance upon us for having lost our way, much like the Hebrews in the desert refused to obey God’s law as passed down through Moses; in both cases God had to correct the behavior of his wayward, but chosen, child. I might be one of those people.