Ignorance aint always bad depending what your ignorant about.  So I dont no much about Linzy Lohan and Briteny Spears.  And having gay sex or using drugs or lieing to people.  Or the evilution agenda.  Truth is a lot of what they expecte you to no in America is sinful useles garbage.  If your not a expert in lesbians they call you ignorant.

Well if thats it I’m glad to be called ignorant.



  1. 1
    S. H. Says:

    … What does Brittney Spears and Anal Sex have to do with anything your trying to say?

    Stop looking at all the negative things on the other side of the fence. There is so much positive in the world that your missing out on because of your narrow vision.

  2. 2

    There are many good things in this world… but the evil waaaaaayy overpowers it!

    Awareness for evil things that occur is good for any Christian.

  3. 3
    JaqkPot Says:

    You must be setting up a Rickroll? This whole site is full of ignorance. You can’t spell and probably write on a 5th grade level? If you search for intelligence then why ‘preach’ ignorance under the guise of intelligence? Why even preach? You need to focus on learning!

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