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Evolution = Circular Logic

October 23, 2009

Evilution means survival of the fitest.  But fit dont mean strong and it don’t mean smart, it means you survived.  So evolution is survival of hte ones that survived.


They Say They Found The Missing Link

October 7, 2009

Does this look like your grandma?

Ape Man

Ape Man

The evolution propaganda says this is your family.  Do you think this is where YOU came from?  Instead of God made you for a divine purpose?

Absolute PROOF Against Athiest Idiots

July 4, 2008

“The fool has said in his heart, ‘There is no God.’ They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good.” – Psalms 14:1 (KJV)

Good Without God

June 4, 2008

= 0 or ZERO

Why Liberals Don’T Believe in GOD

April 29, 2008

I’ve been thinking for a long time why liberals don’t beleve in God. Here’s what I learnt:

  1. They don’t understand, but they never let that stop them!
  2. Science. They think it replaced God somehow. They think sceince has all the answers. They think if they can anser questions with mumbo jumno that’s the only reason for God, instead of understanding God made this world. Real science keeps proving God over and again, but there’s a lot of psuedo science out there. Whatch out for anyone who tells you the world is somthing crazy like a billion years old, or dinosaurs could fly. But they keep having new laws of nature, handd down by God the law maker himslf. How can you have a law without someone to make that law, like the Sabbath.
  3. It’s new and trendy. I read a good quote it said “People today are atheists not because of conviction but from indifference, distraction and confusion accelerated by mass media. Truth is not a democracy. Test the message.”
  4. They feel popular.
  5. They don’t have to folow any rules. Big selling point for librals.
  6. They think God id boring. Not as fun as drugs and grand theft auto.
  7. Ignorance. Some of the critics on this web blog say they were born as athiests and never grew out of it.
  8. They think God is a bully or something. I dunno how they can not believe in God and hate him at the same time?
  9. Ignorance. Libtards love to say “thats a strawman falsify” and the God they try to talk about is one to. They make up all kinds of things they don’t like, call it God, and then use that like it proves anything.
  10. Personality disordered. Athiests are always mad, you ever notice that? They can only decribe themselves being against something. God is always there.

Hell Is A Real Place

April 28, 2008

A lot of athiests tell me they don’t like God’s law like they want to sit in judgement of things they don’t understand. They keep saying how in a perfect world accordian to their own ideas ( communism and legalize drugs, most of em want to take our guns away to ) that Christian would be dangerous.

But it’s not there idea of a perfect world. We have ot keep America safe from Muslims around the world who want to attack us. Especially in Iran and Iraq to. Espeically now that we’re finally starting to win. They just want to throw in the towel and loose. But I’m getting side tracked.

Critics of this web blog like to point out how its easier to just not follow God’s law. Why not get a divorce and practice lewdness and use drugs if it sutes you. And they say why should Christians worry about all th sin and wrong in the world. Why should we work against slavery today and sexual slavery? Why should we voluntere to make the world a better place?

What these people don’t undrstand is everything we’re doing is to save them from Hell.  I don’t understand why the foolish reject that?

I know liberals hate everything, so they probably want people to go to Hell out of there anger.

Some Christians Being Fooled By Athiest Devils

April 4, 2008

I kee p getting harassed by a athiest called Chilling Out At The Chrack Shack.  You’ve probably seen his vile toungue in the comments section here just needing to be contradictory to everything.  And lieing a lot.

On his own blog Chilly has a lot to say.  He laughs at dieing Christians because he thinks genocide is funnyAnd he celebrates terrorism.  Typical, right?  This is the kind of shrill sound of evil that’s pollluting our Christian world and probably making God thing twice about before sending his beloved and only Son back into this pit of filth the atheists are making.  Forcing us to live in a world as they seperat it from God.

Well it’s even worse!  This particular athiest ( who’s worse even than Dick Dawkins, cause he at leaast tries to sound like he’s not stupid and vile and hateful ) is recruiting Christians to his wicked cause.  But I gotta warn you that Alexander the Grate is a libtard and probly a fake Christian.  You can fool me, Alexander, but you can’t fool Jesus!

Example of Athiest Garbage (Dawkins Guy)

April 2, 2008

“More ordinarily, selfish behavior may consist simply in refusing to share some valued resource such as sexual partners.”

That’s by the athiest “God” Dick Dawkins. I didn’t believe it myself until someone showed it to me, but it’s right there in black and white in The Selfish Gene Chapter 1.

Persecution of Christians Continues

March 30, 2008

Jesus told his followers, his disciples, that they would be spit upon by angy wicked men. This has come to pass time and again. You’ve probably experienced it in your own life. Well, so have I, which is why I started this blog. It’s getting a lot of readers and a lot of positive commentary, and more important, it’s only one of so many web site technologies for Jesus. Bridget doesn’t want everyone to have health care, either.

But everybody isn’t happy about Christians coming together through the world web. Here’s a guy that calls himself Spider Man attacking Christians for recognizing their own rights. But I have to warn you he’s a guy who doesn’t recognize that this is a God fearing country. This is the kind of guy drags God out of the house like that Elton John song about Levon who was born when the New York Times said God is dead.

Persecution of Christians is nothing new. These new brand of athiest like Christopher Hitchens and Richardo Dawkins and Sam Harris and Hillary Clinton think they’re clever, but they’re only doing what God prophesied in the Gospel, and what’s been going on for 2,000 years.

Barak HUSSEIN Obama The Muslim?

March 26, 2008

I’ve hard a lot of rumors about this. I don’t know for sure if they’re true or not. The main claims he’s a Christian. Maybe that’s just good taste? I dno’t know if Muslims are allowed to recant their god? He probably isn’t as important to them – remember all the martyrs in Christian history, people who met their death because they won’t leave Jesus. They’re in heaven with Him now, each and every one.

But that’s what I want to talk about. Barak says he’s a Christian, and he goes on TV talking about he doesn’t like his preacher. He supports all kinds of ant-Chrisitan legislation. The kind that takes our rights away. This is a man who wants to take away our rights and sacrafice them to the unholy shrine of political correctness.

I know having a terrorist middle name doesn’t make a person a terrorist or a Muslim automatically. And a liberal saying he’s a Christian isn’t true automatically either. I don’t believe him.


I hope he doesn’t give America to the terrorists!  Or the athiest terrorists, the ones who want to sue you for saying Merry Christmas and Happy Easter to celebrate what Christ did for us!

It’s Atheists That Are Ignorant

March 16, 2008

Duh. Atheists are ignorant to God’s love. By definition this is true.

So why are they so keen on painting the Ignorant Christian stereotype? I have plenty of theories on that. When you point a finger at someone, four fingers are pointed back at you, the saying goes. Atheists recognize their own ignorance, at some level, and it bothers them. So they take this insecurity and project it onto their enemy. It’s God’s plan, and there will be Hell to pay.

But I’m getting off the subject. Atheists don’t believe in anything at all. At times like funerals they’re jealous of us. Have you ever noticed how upset and mad atheists are in general? A lack of happiness in their life? It bothers them that Christians know peace through God, and it bothers them that we alone rise above death, as Jesus opened the door for His faithful.

So they like to make fun of us to make themselves feel better – they call us primitive, say that understanding the true reality somehow makes us “weak minded” instead of open and intelligent enough to have understood something each and every one of them doesn’t get.

The last reason they do this is to pervert the minds of impressionable children. If they can get the future generations to believe religion is ignorant, they can get children to turn away from God. And recruit more for their nasty cause.

A typical atheist

Bush Doesn’t Read Newspapers – So What?

March 15, 2008

He reads the Bible, and that’s enough for me. That’s enough for God. All the liberal athiests can read The New York Times in Hell. Some people say when a soul gets there Satan gouges its eyes out and eats them, but maybe they have The Times in braille down there? I mean, it is Hell, after all. It’s a place of evil where God doesn’t reside. So I’m sure the NYT is welcome there.

Liberals and atheists like to make fun of the president because he was frank enough to say he doesn’t read the newspaper. So what? These are the same idiots who think George Bush is the stupidest man on earth and also masterminded a global oil conspiracy. Which one is it, liberals? You don’t even have to like Bush to know that’s retarded.

Seriously, do you want a president who wastes his time asking Anne Landers, or do you want a president who restores Christian Values to America? We lost so much ground under Clinton, with gays openly demoralizing the army, adultery in the oval orifice, and a general glorifying of wickedness. Some people believe 9/11 was God’s vengeance upon us for having lost our way, much like the Hebrews in the desert refused to obey God’s law as passed down through Moses; in both cases God had to correct the behavior of his wayward, but chosen, child. I might be one of those people.