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Some Libtards Really Hate God

March 30, 2008

Libtard is my new favorite word. It’s short for “liberal retard” and we have lots of those. I found a blog written by one of them.

Chilly At The Crab Shack is written by a libtard with a chip on his shoulder. Look at this, the guy is calling allmighty God by the a word! Normally I wouldn’t want to link to something like this because it’s like pond scum. But in the comments here on this web blog for Jesus, a lot of people haven’t really been able to believe that it’s got so bad. But this is proof – a man who actually hats God.

You know 100 years ago this wouldn’t be tolerated. Even in those Islam countries it’s still against the law. The crazy guy from Iran with the name nobody can say right even had a good point. Why is it that it’s ok to disrespect God but if you say anything about different kinds of people or whatever the ACLU will nail you to the wall? Rap music like Barak Obama makes is more important to the unbelievers than God.