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They Say They Found The Missing Link

October 7, 2009

Does this look like your grandma?

Ape Man

Ape Man

The evolution propaganda says this is your family.  Do you think this is where YOU came from?  Instead of God made you for a divine purpose?


Blashpemy on Yahoo Answers

February 5, 2009

I think this kinda thing should be ilegal:

>why do Atheists make fun of christians?

Well, given that christians believe they are being watched over by a cosmic jewish zombie, who was his own father, who requires you to symbolically eat his flesh while telepathically communicating with him so that he can remove a taint from your soul which is present because a rib-woman was once convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magical tree, you must admit it’s a little hard NOT to make fun of them.

I dunno how that’s legal?  Shouldnt be allowed to talk like that in public.  Think about all the kids that are being harmed!
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This Kinda Crap Should Be Ilegal

August 27, 2008

Bush is right, there outta be a limits to freedom.  I found this on the internet from a Christian site that I guess is fallen.  Look at this – why are we allowing this kind of blashphemy?  There’s just no good reason for it.  Contributes nothing to soceity.  Athiesm itself never contributed anything at all to society either.

Tell me how thats legal!!

Tell me how that's legal!!

I just wanna point out how Jesus’s sacrafice he made for us isn’t a joke.  That’s alll.  I’m so greatful for what Jesus Christ gave up and died on the cross of torture to pay are debt for sin!  He took that on so we could live with God forever in Heaven.  For us.  You and me.  We should all give thanks instad of laughing at Jesus!
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I Think Devil’s Are Mocking Us

April 11, 2008

I found what I thout was a good Christian web site when I asked Yahoo to tell me about great actors since Ronald Reagan. It said Bill Murry and their right. His grand mother is that wacky atheist lady that killed herself in the desert and used to b on TV. He was never ok with that.

Another post says “Here’s the deal people. Nearly 50% of Americans are skinny. This is the real epidemic. It’s full of filthy atheists, hippies, and pinko bastards that hate America.”

But they have a post about ice cream cones turning people gay. I thought about it for a minute and i think it doesn’t make a real man gay but it might encourage gay behavior. But when I read it it sounds like a pornographic story. There’s a article saying we should round up the Mexicans and make slaves out of them instead of send them back to Mexico. And then another post says Rename The Earth As America but is that even really a good idea? I mean I think we should go show Russia once and for all if we say their’s going to be a missle shield there’s gonna be one. But we don’t want to have to deal with there problems.

The web blog uses a lot of foul languge just like my athiest critics. It also says that using words like dude and no way and peace will send you to Hell but that’s just not true. It even says Canada is a part of America you shoud avoid.

This really makes me angry. I’ll pray for the man’s soul because if he doesn’t change his way’s he’ll need more help that any of us can give him. This guy is openly making fun of God. He just offended a billion Christians.