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The Missing LInk Debunked

October 23, 2009

I want to bring everybodys attention to a web blog thats about faith in God and Jesus.  Its called Defend the Word.  He published a article that tells the truth CNN wont tell you about the so called missing link Ida.

Yep, that’s right.  The missing link is still missing.

Here is the address:

To show you why you should give this man a few minutes of your time and hear what he has to say, I want to show you the begining of what he wrote about this important topic.

Good news for creation narrative and ID proponents and I’m sorry to say yet more bad news for Evolution, now that “Finally discovered missing link” is discovered not to be the missing link after all. Should we go back to the fact that we don’t have the missing link now? Good to see the retraction except now we have no big advertisement no big media coverage press conference with David Attenborough or National geographic. Will they own up now and say we still have the problem of missing link? I doubt it but at least they don’t persist with the lie, and that can only be good.

And just to make sure no one forgot.  This is such a important topic because the militant atheists like Dawkins and Sam Harris and Drunk Hitchens and more of them.  They tell are children lies that we came from mud that decided to be alive one day and became a fish frog monkey.

That’s where they tell children they came from, and there’s no purpose in life and no morality.  They tell people the Bible is just another book, that you can do whatever you want, if it feels good do it.  This is why we have drug addiction and AIDS.  Social Darwinism even convinced Adolph Hitler to kill all the jews so he could breed a perfect race.

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No Fossils Older Than 600 Million Years

June 6, 2008

Still moore prove the hideous lie of evolution is false.  We new that already, but its good to share these things when they come up so when other good Christians get cornerd by athiests we no how to react.  There gonna lie to you, but a lot of them mean well.  A lot of people are athiest because they don’t no any better but these people ar open to reason so if you point out why these things are lies theyll listen.  Theyll no better, and stop telling the lie to more Christians.

Imagine what kind of world we can make!  When people go back an tell whoevr lied to them how they foun out, prety soon well get all he evolution propaganda out of schools!  And stop brianwashing kids!

There are no fossil records more than 60,000,000 years old. Dont take my word for it, its in that evil Richardo Dawkins book my frind read.  Or on Wikipeda.  Dorkins hisself said it looks just like if God made a hole bunch of living things and put them on earth, out of the blue.  Just like it says in the Bible!!  But no, he’s a scientist what hates God, so he needs to find some stupid way that didn’t happen for all these thigns to get there, even tho its obvious God made them, and even all the scientific evidence shows that.
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