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Bring Back Debtor’s Prisons

October 25, 2009

This whole economic disaster Obama cant fix is caused by home loans.  People took out big morgages and borrowed money for houses they couldnt afford.  Most of them were really extravagent, like where you borrow money just by telling the bank what your salary is but without any proof.  ( Drug Dealer Loans. )  So people got all kinds of fancy stuff to impress other people they couldn’t afford.

But that’s not all.  Its also credit cards!  People can get a bankrupcy easier than making a phone call, so you can just borrow all the money you want and then not have to pay it back.  So whatever you buy is free.  You get to keep your stereo and video games and wireless computer and any other toys with other people’s money.

This is called stealing.  And one of the Ten Commandments says “THOU SHALT NOT STEAL.”  But it got so rampant thats how our economy is, they just charge the honest people more to support the thieves.  But there got to be so many people ripping the system off, that it collapsed under the weight of greedy materialist people with no morals who steal to get what they want.

It used to be there was a special prison for people who take advantage of other people helping them until there families paid there debt.  We stopped, and now there’s no money to be lent, crippling the economy.  We can’t afford to let petty theives turn us into a third world country.  We have to bring back debt prisons.

Dubai still has debter’s prisons, and they have a booming economy.

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