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Hate Crime Is THe Gay Agenda

July 15, 2008

Heres a quote from a encyclopedia says it bettern I can:

Liberals promote hate crime legislation to legitimize certain lifestyles by declaring them to be protected by law, and to chill free speech that criticizes those lifestyles. Hate crime legislation is a stepping stone for a lifestyle to become protected under anti-discrimination laws.

As part of the homosexual agenda, the gay rights movement has attempted to equate racism and anti-Semitism with the condemnation of homosexual sin. To do this, they must of course gloss over the fact that race is 100% inherited and immutable. And that religious and ethnic persecution against Jews involved a 6 million person Holocaust that included the deaths of not only Jews, but also homosexuals, whose lifestyle was seen as vulgar by prominent German politicians (see genocide and ethnic cleansing).

So what that maens is any kind of critique you can give em is a hate crimes!  Just to condem sin they want it to be illegal to say “stop sinning!”  You beleve that?  In the public school they teach Islam, the libtards want a president called Barak Hussein, and it’s a crime to want people not to sin so the world can be closer to God!  This is the kind of preversion we need to fix and make the world a better place.

Prettty soon its gonna be affirmative action for the gay people! Already a man sued because he failed his driving test.

And here’s a nother quote:

In regards to homosexuality and homicide, The Encyclopedia of Serial Killers by Michael Newton reports the following regarding the issue of homosexuality and homocides: “     Homosexual slayers clearly have no monopoly on violence, but it is true that their crimes often display extremes of “overkill” and mutilation… On balance, it seems fair to say that while homosexuals sometimes fall prey to “gay bashing” violence by bigoted “straights,” they are far more likely to be murdered by another homosexual than in a random hate crime.[6]

And here’s a better qutoe:

There are very few anti-homosexual murders. The most publicized incident, the murder of Matthew Shepard, was the result of severe drug abuse. After the defense attorney failed to exonerate the killers with an argument of self-defense against homosexual advances, the lead killer admitted in jail that homosexuality had nothing to do with his drug-induced murder:[12] Asked [by ABC News] directly whether [the lead killer] targeted and attacked Shepard because he was gay, McKinney told Vargas, “No. I did not. … I would say it wasn’t a hate crime. All I wanted to do was beat him up and rob him.”

See?  It was drugs.  Liberals love drugs, they want to make marijuana legal so more gay people can get killed, and then they cry hate crimes about us conservatives.

Usualy it’s not even a crime to:

In Madison, Wisconsin, a recovered homosexual who had left the “gay” lifestyle to start a family got into a heated discussion with an open homosexual about homosexuality at a gas station. The ex-“gay” man, David Ott, was holding his child in his arms during the entire incident, and neither man touched the other. The homosexual activist later told police he had felt threatened by Ott, and local prosecutors charged the man with “disorderly conduct” with a “hate crimes” enhancement.
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Genetically Modified Gay Food

July 14, 2008

Someone at church tolde me this.  We’ve had a lot of new genetic modified food lately, and gayness is on the rise.  So much they have control ovr the democrat party and control Hollyweird as part of the gay agenda.  Well anyway thers a lotta gay people around.

Homosexualism aint natural.  Genetic modified food aint natural.

Thre both on the rise. Maybe if we gave it back to the good old fashioned Amrican farmer instead of theme Chinese takin over then we’d have natural food again and it might get rid of gay people.  I dont no if thats true but maybe!  What if we could cure a lot of gaynss and AIDES befor it gets started by banning China imports.

I think its kinda to good to hope for.  But the only way it even has a chance if Mccaine wins like he shuld.

What’s Wrong With England?

April 22, 2008

Bunch of Godless heathens over there, probably from being so closed to Europe.

There’s JD Rawling the guy who wrote Harry Potter which druggies love and say Harry Pothead. It’s a movie about magic witch is insulting to Christianity. The idea that wizards and dragons can make books fly is trying to diminish the power of God’s miracles and the Gospel. It’s also part of the gay agenda.

Pullman wrote The Golden Compass which is a book about basically the same thing. And he said “I’m For The Death of GOD.”

Richard Dawkins is another Brittish person. We all know about him.

And Christopher Hichens is a windbag alcoholic lush that needs to turn himself over to God in a AA meeting. And then go save his soul.