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God Is a Conservative

November 10, 2009

I guess that’s like saying the sun is warm and water is blue.  Being a conservitave is all about keeping God’s law.  In the world.  Think about it.  Librals are always the ones who try to turn every society there in against God’s tradition.

Here’s 10 proofs.

  1. Killing babys?  That’s a libral thing to do.  Some activist judges made the wrong call in Roe vs. Wade (who lied about being raped by the way under oath!) and now every libral in America wants the goverment to pay for free abortions for all, and call it “health care”.
  2. Family.  Only conservative puts a focus on the family.  That means marriage is important, that means not killing children but growing them up instead.  Showing your son how to be a man.
  3. The Ten Commandments.  The libtarded ACLU actually made this illegal.  What more can I say?
  4. Evolution.  This is an athiest ploy, but it’s the librals that fell for it.  The democrat party wants us to think there the ones that are all about science so they suck up, and push evolution down your childrens throats in school.
  5. Michael Moore.  He’s like the Antichrist’s retarded brother.
  6. Israel.  Ever notice that all left wing radicals are palestine sympathizers who want to see are friends the Jews wiped off the map?
  7. Morals.  Sensative librals made it illegal for parents to spank there children.  They took morality out of the schools, so children grow up not learning how to be upstanding citizens members of society.  The world is falling apart because of the evrything goes experiment they’ve been allowed to pull off ever since Kennedy was president.  Look at the blatant sex all over the TV!
  8. Drugs.  Were taught the body is a temple, but the democrat party wants to legalize drugs.  Obama said they won’t prosecute marijuana anymore.
  9. Cultural filth.  See what the Hollyweird crowd did to us?  Brittney Spears on the magazines in grocery stores where mothers go shopping with there childen.  It’s the kind of decay like when Rome fell to the pagans.  Most young people would rather do blasphemy than go to church anymore, and street crime is rampant, citys aren’t safe places anymore.
  10. Terrorism.  Librals hate Jesus Christ, but they’re all super friendly with the Islamists.  It’s all about appologizing for Allah, letting terrorists go, and closing Guantanamo so we can get hit again.  God helps us when we help ourself.

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What Libtards Believe

October 29, 2009

I found this web blog called “DPROGRAM Making Propaganda.”  Actually it says the opposite but thats what they do.  The bunch of advertisements and banners and buttons just blew me away.  I went and came back a couple times and I think some of em change, but most stay the same.  Cause there ones the librals love best.

Here’s some of what I found.  Warning its all conspiracy theory.

  • Bloodlines of the Illumaniti
  • The “Other” Israel
  • Freemasonry
  • 9/11 Mystery
  • 9/11 The “Myth” and the “Reality”
  • 9/11 The Greatest Lie Ever Sold
  • And a ad for Hemp USA

The 9/11 stuff is insulting.  These morons think George Bush attacked America just because they have a personal problem with him, and are paranoid.  Nutjobs just cant even have respect for a tragedy and have to go around rubbing salt in everybody wound because they have some kind of paranoid fantasy.
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Sara Palin Gonna Save the Republicans

September 24, 2008

I just read about how Sarah Palins gonna save us all.  Noticed how all hte librals went right on the attack cause they hate her?  That means shes good shes gonna fix America and they hate America and they hate success that’s what librals do.  So when librals swarm on the attack and go after the poor girls preggnant dauter, you know there really desprate.

I almost wanted to just give up cause Mccains such a libral, but now with Jessica Palin there gonna make America right!  I’m so exited!

Genetically Modified Gay Food

July 14, 2008

Someone at church tolde me this.  We’ve had a lot of new genetic modified food lately, and gayness is on the rise.  So much they have control ovr the democrat party and control Hollyweird as part of the gay agenda.  Well anyway thers a lotta gay people around.

Homosexualism aint natural.  Genetic modified food aint natural.

Thre both on the rise. Maybe if we gave it back to the good old fashioned Amrican farmer instead of theme Chinese takin over then we’d have natural food again and it might get rid of gay people.  I dont no if thats true but maybe!  What if we could cure a lot of gaynss and AIDES befor it gets started by banning China imports.

I think its kinda to good to hope for.  But the only way it even has a chance if Mccaine wins like he shuld.

Onward Christian Soldier

May 26, 2008

Violence in Iraq is at a four year lowe, because we’re winning the war in Iraq.  The number of atacks is down every weak, and our police is working over there.  The defeatocrats were chearing for us to loose for the last five years, and we’r proving them wrong.  Never elect a democrat – we can see they were wrong all this time!

It’s happy Iraq children.

Iraq violence falls to four-year low

Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead: Ted Kennedy

May 21, 2008

Title says it all.  Here he is with the king of Russia:

Ted Kennedy is the one onn the far right.

Athiests Hate Nature

May 8, 2008

More prof this whole “blogal warming” charade is nothing but a back door tax. How do the libral athiests even say this junk with a strate face? Athiests hate God, and they hate His creation. So they tell the world there working to save it from a invisible menace only they can see is wrong!!

Here’s a good quote:

The major “sin” for the global warmists is CO2. The Kyoto treaty is meant to reduce the amount of this gas so as, they say, to reduce the degree of warming and eventually return us to some stable climate system. If we look at the historical situation, however, this is cause for alarm. For one thing, there has never been a stable climate system. For another, the level of CO2 in our atmosphere is near its historic low. In the long run, the greatest danger is too little rather than too much CO2. There has been a long-term reduction of CO2 throughout the 4.5-billion-year history of the Earth. If this tendency continues, eventually our planet may become as lifeless as Mars.

Glaciation has prevailed for 90% of the last several million years. Extreme cold. Biting cold. Cold too intense for bikinis and swimming trunks. No matter what scary scenarios global-warming enthusiasts dream up, they pale in comparison with the conditions another ice age would deliver. Look to our past climate. Fifteen thousand years ago, an ice sheet a kilometer and a half thick covered all of North America north of a line stretching from somewhere around Seattle to Cleveland and New York City.

Instead of reducing CO2, we should, perhaps, be increasing it.

Back to my pint. Seriously, when as the last time you saw a athiest enjoying the grate outdoors?  Never happens!  They’re to busy on Linsy Lohan and Britney Spears.  Thy don’t have time to sea Creation when they have the gay agenda.  What the heck do these people care about this so called “global warning” invisible thing anyway?  They don’t, it’s just a scam.

Gore Says Cigarettes Make Global Warming

May 7, 2008

Well things just keep geting crazier with the hippies. Now they say smoking cigarettes makes global warning.

A choiced quote:

Just a side note: Doesn’t former President Clinton smoke cigars? If the smoke from a cigarette can cause global warming, imagine what a cigar can do.

This argument truly puts the word mental in environmentalism.

Global Cooling

Libtard Is A Real World

May 5, 2008

See here’s the proof:

1. libtard
(Lib-Tard) 1) Combination of the words Liberal and retard (see also: Libterd, libturd, libnerd, libsurd, libdiot, libored) 2) The result when a tree hugger successfully mates with a tree and the offspring is born with an extra chromosome. 3) Any helpless society that must always be liberated by the blood and sweat of others yet are too arrogant and stupid to realize that they owe their entire existance to others.(see also: French-tard, French-Tarded, Retarded-Frenchmen).
1) Hillary clinton and her husband, you know what’s his face. You know that libtard that got impeached for going down on that fat chick in the beret that looked like Rosie Odonnel.
2) Look at that tall mongoloid with the vote Kerry T-shirt. Must be one of them libtards.
3) Screw you Frenchie! You freakin’ Libtard.
truth life true-ness cornhole lockjaw systematic polar realism
by sirisaachillary Dec 28, 2005 email it
2. libtard
N. Combination of liberal and retard
Used derogatorily by conservatives/Republicans for liberals/Democrats
Pl. Libtards

“Libterd”, related and created using possibly this word as a foundation, or possibly from a different source as a combination of Liberal and Terd, without the prior knowledge of Libtard

Yea, Libtard, I guess you want free health-care too?!
by JRW Jan 24, 2005 email it
3. libtard
liberal retard. One of liberal politcal persuasion who wastes their entire lives bitching about president Bush/conservatives/Christianity, or hunting for an opportunity to do so. Often very loud, uninformed, and annoying. Makes the Democratic Party look bad. Usually found on college campuses.

The opposite of conservatard.

Dude, my professor is such a libtard. I mean, what does calculus have to do with the president?
by HolyHeartFailure Sep 22, 2005 email it
4. libtard
Libtard (n). Combination of liberal and retard

One of liberal politcal persuasion who wastes their entire lives bitching about president Bush/conservatives/Christianity, or hunting for an opportunity to do so. Often very loud, uninformed, and annoying. Makes the Democratic Party look bad. Usually found on college campuses.

The opposite of conservatard.

Dude, my professor is such a libtard. I mean, what does calculus have to do with the president?
libtard libturd libiot liberal troll
by Korban Dallas Aug 24, 2006 email it
5. libtard
A combination of ‘Liberal’ and ‘Retard.’

A libtard holds extreme liberal beliefs based on little more than what he or she wants to hear. Most information received will be internally filtered or even changed into something that better fits into their liberal worldview.

A libtard will often have the same attitudes and pigheadedness of an extreme conservative, and neither side seems to understand the irony.

Jimmy is a libtard. He believes everything documentaries like Farenheit 9/11 say, because it sounds like what he wants to believe.
contard liberal conservative conservatard idiot
by LockeSteerpike Sep 24, 2006 email it
6. libtard
A liberal ideolog who puts their political beliefs above their natural sense of self preservation.
Rosie O’Donnell is a libtard: ‘Radical Christianity is Just as Threatening as Radical Islam’.
libtard contard liberal conservative libterd libturd
by Gaernin Sep 14, 2006 email it
7. libtard
Anyone not sufficiently conservative, as measured by fans of Fox News personalities, or AM hate radio hosts.
“You WISH ‘The Factor’ was comically biased toward the right, libtard. Why do you hate America?”

People laughed at me because I’m ahead of the curved.

WHY Christians HAve Morals

May 4, 2008

there are a good many things which would not be worth bothering about if I were going to live only seventy years, but which I had better bother about very seriously if I am going to live for ever. Perhaps my bad temper or my jealousy are gradually getting worse -so gradually that the increase in seventy years will not be very noticeable. But it might be absolute hell in a million years: in fact, if Christianity is true, Hell is the precisely correct technical term for what it would be.

Thus, if humans are immortal and either morally progressing or decaying there are only 2 logical outcomes:

1. Heavenly creatures
2. Hellish creatures

Another Scientist Against Global Warming

May 3, 2008

This is kind of a little too complicated for me but he’s got all knds of good stuff. Basicaly he says it’s ignorant to think anything we people do is bad.

There are more posts below in his web blog with graphs showing how all the predictions jsut didn’t hold up.

A Hooker Was Found Dead

May 2, 2008

And the libtards really want to legalize prostitution?  They say it’s a victimless crime, huh?  Look what happens when people take liberal advice.

This is what happens when people turn so far away from God’s way.  She tried to escape the judgement on earth only to meet God’s judgement.  She might have been a athiest before, but I guarentee you she believes in God now.  It’s probably too late, though.

Hippy Earth Day !!! Smiley Face

April 23, 2008

I don’t know why people are so obsesed with the enviro nonesense.  Like al Gore doesn’t use up more electricity at his house than all of Texas.  Hypocrate.  He doesn’t beleive in his movement.  Most librals don’t care if global warming is fake thy just go along since it makes them feel good about themselves.  That’s what the smily face is for.
Here’s a letter someone from Nobel Prize Co sent to Al Gore and friends.





No one in the media will report that, though.


April 23, 2008

I never seen a liberal that can take a cold hard fact without whining and complaining.

In my humble opinion, the so-called liberal “Christians” are realy the worst. They are so redy to distort God’s truth in the name of being popularity, that I can’t call what they believe “Christianity” without praying for forgiveness a minute later. The Bible says there is no forgiveness for sins against the Holy Spirit—if any liberal “Christian” is reading this, consider yourself warned!