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Is God Is Real?

May 10, 2008

Well God needs faith and even if their was proof the fools still would reject it. But even science says there has to be a GOD.

  1. The world is perfect. The law of gravity ( evolution is just a theory ) makes us have a atmosphere cause were the right size. Were the only planet with the right gas in the air. We could never live on jupiter. And it’s just the right tempature because of distance. Someone said “Even a fractional variance in the Earth’s position to the sun would make life on Earth impossible.” and were moving so fast but turning just right so every part of the world is gets warmed by sun. The mon makes us have tides but doesn’t drown us Christians in tidal waves!
  2. Are brain is a complex super computer. Atrophy makes it impossible for simple things to get complex like someone said in a comment unless there’s a designer that makes them that way. It’s the most complicated thing in science, but that’s only because science denise God’s mind. Here’s a science quote:

    A brain that deals with more than a million pieces of information every second, while evaluating its importance and allowing you to act on the most pertinent information… did it come about just by chance? Was it merely biological causes, perfectly forming the right tissue, blood flow, neurons, structure? The brain functions differently than other organs. There is an intelligence to it, the ability to reason, to produce feelings, to dream and plan, to take action, and relate to other people. How does one explain the human brain?

  3. Random chance just isn’t enough. Life can’t come from none life science proved it. Didn’t hapen by accident. And DNA is proof of God’s love. Another scientist said “Also, natural causes are an inadequate explanation for the amount of precise information contained in human DNA. A person who discounts God is left with the conclusion that all of this came about without cause, without design, and is merely good fortune. It is intellectually wanting to observe intricate design and attribute it to luck.”
  4. Science proves it. Already the math number says there has to be a God. And more we learn it’s that everything is really complex so as science goes on, it just points more and more to a really smart God who made everything just right. There’s never been a sciencetific discovery that was against the overwelming odds of a intelligent creater.
  5. Everyone knows it. Athiests are like 0.0001 % of the world. Billions of people know God is real. We all have a personal relationship with Him. He hears and answers are prayers and guides us in life. You really thing one small athiest person in the world is right and everyone else in the world is dead wrong? Math proves it can’t be that!
  6. Athiests are obsessed with God. Even they know in there hearts of hearts and they can feel Him calling out to them to come into the light, but they think there crazy!

Why Liberals Don’T Believe in GOD

April 29, 2008

I’ve been thinking for a long time why liberals don’t beleve in God. Here’s what I learnt:

  1. They don’t understand, but they never let that stop them!
  2. Science. They think it replaced God somehow. They think sceince has all the answers. They think if they can anser questions with mumbo jumno that’s the only reason for God, instead of understanding God made this world. Real science keeps proving God over and again, but there’s a lot of psuedo science out there. Whatch out for anyone who tells you the world is somthing crazy like a billion years old, or dinosaurs could fly. But they keep having new laws of nature, handd down by God the law maker himslf. How can you have a law without someone to make that law, like the Sabbath.
  3. It’s new and trendy. I read a good quote it said “People today are atheists not because of conviction but from indifference, distraction and confusion accelerated by mass media. Truth is not a democracy. Test the message.”
  4. They feel popular.
  5. They don’t have to folow any rules. Big selling point for librals.
  6. They think God id boring. Not as fun as drugs and grand theft auto.
  7. Ignorance. Some of the critics on this web blog say they were born as athiests and never grew out of it.
  8. They think God is a bully or something. I dunno how they can not believe in God and hate him at the same time?
  9. Ignorance. Libtards love to say “thats a strawman falsify” and the God they try to talk about is one to. They make up all kinds of things they don’t like, call it God, and then use that like it proves anything.
  10. Personality disordered. Athiests are always mad, you ever notice that? They can only decribe themselves being against something. God is always there.

Athiests R Proof God Is Real

April 12, 2008

Athiests are always using logic too try and recriut more people to be athiests.  This is funy because God created locic.  Their trying to use God’s logic to disproove God exists.  That’s like trying to argue if the air we all breath doesn’t exist wihle your breathing it.

It’s like when I heard about a athiest who thinks the rug in his litle shack is all their is.  Somebody else told him there’s a foundaton holding the hole house up, he said their wasn’t because he can’t see it.  But everyone else new it’s there because he was really fat and the rug wouldn’t of hold him even if they nailed it down.  But he couldn’t see the foundatoin he’s standing on just like he couldn’t see God, and he didn’t believe in either on of them.