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Why Hate The Surrendered Wife?

February 7, 2009

I keep reading how all kindsof people hate this book. I jus dont get it. For a while I thought it was just jelousy, but thats not it. Heres how I figure:  seems like it gotta be jealousy, cause Laura Doyle is going around showing women how to be truley happy in there marriages.  But unGodlyness makes librals happy.  Doing stuff like trading “gender roles” and demasculating people and celebrating homosexuality makes them happy.  So if they already got that, they probly aren’t jealous.

So why do they hate The Surrendered Wife then? It makes the feminazi angry.  Part cause there ignorant.  Lara Doyle isnt making women be abused.  She tells them to leave imediately if there with violent people or drug adicts.  Or other kinds of scumbags.  Nothing bad or abuse or illegal or immoral or anything like that at all.

What it does saying is sometimes if theres a problem people should try another way.  If that one isnt working, another road might.  So try God’s way.  That’s all.  And its not like she’s barking orders or anything.  Lara tells her own story, and how it helped her.  Shes just telling women to try valuing intimacy instead of control in there marriage.  Is that so wrong?
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When Sinners Say I Do

May 15, 2008

This was a good book but it didn’t rally lived up to th title. We need a good strategy for reclaiming the sacred holy institution of marriage from the homasexual sinners. Nothing about that in here. I even had my pastor check to make sure.

What you ned to do is only evr vote Republican! There the ones that bring us closer to God. They keep marriage a sacred institutition of a man and a woman. There the ones who keep abortion murder illegal. There the ones tryimg to bring Jesus back in the classroom. What are the Democruds in al this? There the ones that want to give up in Iraq now that were winning! There the ones trying to secular America in leagues with the terrorists killing babies and getting women pregnant to have abortions for stem cell science. Step 1 is always vote for the Republican, no matter wat!

I don’t know the rest. Libtards like sendin letters, maybe we should send gays protest letters telling them there lifestyle is sinful and would they please mind stopping? Of course even the most wussified libral acts like that, but thne in a protest they like to beat up cops and people in whele chairs. If you have any good idea, please leave thm in the comment sections and we’ll all share the best!

Anyway, back to the book. It was ok. Talked about how to stop being a sinner for your husband and live accordin to God’s way. It’s a great idea, I just wish peopl would follow it.