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Votor Fraud of Obama – Stolen Election

November 6, 2008

Just like the Demoturds say Bush did in 2000.  The libtards stole the election.  And they elected a Arab Muslim terrorist hat’s not even a citizen of this great country he hates.

If you want a gun you better go buy one rite now!  Obama gonna make them illegal.

Like capitalism?  Better enjoy it quick before the SOCIALIST takes over.  I bet hell send out death squads.  Oh wait those are the abortion doctors.  There gonna replace the school nurse.
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Don’t Vote For The Negro

November 3, 2008

Look the eelection is only two moore days until now.  Were picking a President of AMERICA folks, not some kinda American Idol singer.  Sure Barak Hussein Obama has a silver tonuge.  And he wants to use it to sit down and talk to all are enemys and buddy up to them like his terrorist palls.  And let them destroy Isreal.

He gets up on he stage and rants and it reminds me of an angry negro.  I don’t like that.  And you no you don’t like it to.

Dont vote for this shallow Hollyweird man.
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Genetically Modified Gay Food

July 14, 2008

Someone at church tolde me this.  We’ve had a lot of new genetic modified food lately, and gayness is on the rise.  So much they have control ovr the democrat party and control Hollyweird as part of the gay agenda.  Well anyway thers a lotta gay people around.

Homosexualism aint natural.  Genetic modified food aint natural.

Thre both on the rise. Maybe if we gave it back to the good old fashioned Amrican farmer instead of theme Chinese takin over then we’d have natural food again and it might get rid of gay people.  I dont no if thats true but maybe!  What if we could cure a lot of gaynss and AIDES befor it gets started by banning China imports.

I think its kinda to good to hope for.  But the only way it even has a chance if Mccaine wins like he shuld.

Please Dont Vote 4 Barack Hussein Obama

June 7, 2008

Here’s 10 reasons why u should vote for John Mccain a war hero and not Barak Obama a Muslim who did cokaine.

  1. Change this!  Obama just taks about change al the time it’s like Hilary said he has no substance.  America is the best country in the world!  That’s not joking.  America is the best place you could possibly live and he wants to change that.  It just goes to the unAmerican that librals feel.
  2. Refuses to sware his allegience to America, and he refuses to wear a flag label pin.
  3. Wont pray on the Bible either.
  4. Wants to negotiat openly with terorists.
  5. Named after a Iraq dictator.
  6. Hes a dirty liberal.
  7. Wants to give up in the war against Iraq.  Now when were winning!
  8. No experience.  Doesn’t even vote in the House of Repersentatives when he’s to busy campaigning for more power.
  9. Obama wants to raise your taxes!
  10. Big goverment.

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