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God Is a Conservative

November 10, 2009

I guess that’s like saying the sun is warm and water is blue.  Being a conservitave is all about keeping God’s law.  In the world.  Think about it.  Librals are always the ones who try to turn every society there in against God’s tradition.

Here’s 10 proofs.

  1. Killing babys?  That’s a libral thing to do.  Some activist judges made the wrong call in Roe vs. Wade (who lied about being raped by the way under oath!) and now every libral in America wants the goverment to pay for free abortions for all, and call it “health care”.
  2. Family.  Only conservative puts a focus on the family.  That means marriage is important, that means not killing children but growing them up instead.  Showing your son how to be a man.
  3. The Ten Commandments.  The libtarded ACLU actually made this illegal.  What more can I say?
  4. Evolution.  This is an athiest ploy, but it’s the librals that fell for it.  The democrat party wants us to think there the ones that are all about science so they suck up, and push evolution down your childrens throats in school.
  5. Michael Moore.  He’s like the Antichrist’s retarded brother.
  6. Israel.  Ever notice that all left wing radicals are palestine sympathizers who want to see are friends the Jews wiped off the map?
  7. Morals.  Sensative librals made it illegal for parents to spank there children.  They took morality out of the schools, so children grow up not learning how to be upstanding citizens members of society.  The world is falling apart because of the evrything goes experiment they’ve been allowed to pull off ever since Kennedy was president.  Look at the blatant sex all over the TV!
  8. Drugs.  Were taught the body is a temple, but the democrat party wants to legalize drugs.  Obama said they won’t prosecute marijuana anymore.
  9. Cultural filth.  See what the Hollyweird crowd did to us?  Brittney Spears on the magazines in grocery stores where mothers go shopping with there childen.  It’s the kind of decay like when Rome fell to the pagans.  Most young people would rather do blasphemy than go to church anymore, and street crime is rampant, citys aren’t safe places anymore.
  10. Terrorism.  Librals hate Jesus Christ, but they’re all super friendly with the Islamists.  It’s all about appologizing for Allah, letting terrorists go, and closing Guantanamo so we can get hit again.  God helps us when we help ourself.

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Black People in the White House

January 9, 2009

I saw Obamas kids going to school in th news.  It’s really sickning.  He’s apointing all these Japan and Chinese people on the cabnit and some guy named Sanjay Gupida.  There gonna have Snopp Dog at the White House and Doctor Dray is gonna be surgon general.  Tupac will make all the laws.  Stealing from people will be a career path soon.

Malike and Sanja - The Obama Kids

Malike and Sanja - The Obama Kids

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Obamas Already Hurting America

November 14, 2008

Holy wow look at this!  Look what the librals are doing.  There gonna do drugs and dance in teh street to block traffick on us.


I new he was gonna give up in Iraq.  He already blinked.  But look at all the obscene in here.

Maximum Wage Law Suceeds????!?@??!?!

These people have evil dreams and hearts of coal.

So Many Pro Terrorists In USA

August 30, 2008

Why do hipies and drug addicts and other kinds of degenerates all love Palestine so much.  I dont know.  Maybe they hate Jews, but I dnot think thats it.

Most librals mean well.  Deep down in there hearts, they really want to make the world a better place.  And thing they can do it.  It’s not that all the libtards are wicked and trying to do evil works.  Its just most of em got there prioritys backward.  Like they wanna make quotas for black people ( I guess 1/50 of Presidents gotta be blacks ) cause they dont care about oppressing people about who they havta hire.  I think libtards hate success, so they just dont care or see peopl in business as people at al.  They sure dont realize how its those people are smart enough to be success, and need help to stay afloat so they can keep on making success in America.

But anyway apart from all that stuff encouraging women to be lesbians and to go out and have a abortion, most liberals are trying to do the right thing, there just failing really bad.  So that comes back to Israle.  Its not the librals want to be useful idiots to a buncha terrorists who are gonna kill people to the end of time.  I think they just wanna take away Israel real quick, and think then the Arabs will all be happy forever and sing Kumbaya My Lord.  They just forgot about all the Jews over there.
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Democrat Alaska Ted Stevens To Be Punished

August 7, 2008

I finaly understand it.  I just read how Ted Stevens ( D:ALASKA ) is actually a democrat.  All this time I thote he was a Republican, but I guess that’s just the libral media lieing to me.  They like there “re-education” programs and there “fairnes doctrin.”  We al no he’s a corrupt pork barel, but now it all makes sense.  There just trying to slander good Republicans.

Th prove is right here on this guy’s web blog its called Federal Way Conservitave.  But I gotta worn ya its pretty bad stuff.  I mean what kinda real conservative is for the federal way?  If you have to turn your back on states rites, your not a conservative.  You might as well cal yourself a libral democrat like Ted Kenedy and Ted Stevens.  They just want to make a strong federal way of bullying us around and taking away are religion and are rural way of life.  The federal way is how some PC nazi in San Francisco pushes the gay agenda thru some activist juge and try to call children obscene or sue us for having Bibles.
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Please Dont Vote 4 Barack Hussein Obama

June 7, 2008

Here’s 10 reasons why u should vote for John Mccain a war hero and not Barak Obama a Muslim who did cokaine.

  1. Change this!  Obama just taks about change al the time it’s like Hilary said he has no substance.  America is the best country in the world!  That’s not joking.  America is the best place you could possibly live and he wants to change that.  It just goes to the unAmerican that librals feel.
  2. Refuses to sware his allegience to America, and he refuses to wear a flag label pin.
  3. Wont pray on the Bible either.
  4. Wants to negotiat openly with terorists.
  5. Named after a Iraq dictator.
  6. Hes a dirty liberal.
  7. Wants to give up in the war against Iraq.  Now when were winning!
  8. No experience.  Doesn’t even vote in the House of Repersentatives when he’s to busy campaigning for more power.
  9. Obama wants to raise your taxes!
  10. Big goverment.

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A Hooker Was Found Dead

May 2, 2008

And the libtards really want to legalize prostitution?  They say it’s a victimless crime, huh?  Look what happens when people take liberal advice.

This is what happens when people turn so far away from God’s way.  She tried to escape the judgement on earth only to meet God’s judgement.  She might have been a athiest before, but I guarentee you she believes in God now.  It’s probably too late, though.

CNN Says Proteting America Is Genocide

April 9, 2008

The Communism News Network sais moral relevasm is teh way to be. She says Pol Pot used waterboarding to kill milions of people in Cambodia. They call it a “major documentery” because it’s about hating America and blaming us for everything.

This is disgusting. How can they compare victems with terrorists?

You can reed more here on STOP THE ACLU.

Barak HUSSEIN Obama The Muslim?

March 26, 2008

I’ve hard a lot of rumors about this. I don’t know for sure if they’re true or not. The main claims he’s a Christian. Maybe that’s just good taste? I dno’t know if Muslims are allowed to recant their god? He probably isn’t as important to them – remember all the martyrs in Christian history, people who met their death because they won’t leave Jesus. They’re in heaven with Him now, each and every one.

But that’s what I want to talk about. Barak says he’s a Christian, and he goes on TV talking about he doesn’t like his preacher. He supports all kinds of ant-Chrisitan legislation. The kind that takes our rights away. This is a man who wants to take away our rights and sacrafice them to the unholy shrine of political correctness.

I know having a terrorist middle name doesn’t make a person a terrorist or a Muslim automatically. And a liberal saying he’s a Christian isn’t true automatically either. I don’t believe him.


I hope he doesn’t give America to the terrorists!  Or the athiest terrorists, the ones who want to sue you for saying Merry Christmas and Happy Easter to celebrate what Christ did for us!

Bush Doesn’t Read Newspapers – So What?

March 15, 2008

He reads the Bible, and that’s enough for me. That’s enough for God. All the liberal athiests can read The New York Times in Hell. Some people say when a soul gets there Satan gouges its eyes out and eats them, but maybe they have The Times in braille down there? I mean, it is Hell, after all. It’s a place of evil where God doesn’t reside. So I’m sure the NYT is welcome there.

Liberals and atheists like to make fun of the president because he was frank enough to say he doesn’t read the newspaper. So what? These are the same idiots who think George Bush is the stupidest man on earth and also masterminded a global oil conspiracy. Which one is it, liberals? You don’t even have to like Bush to know that’s retarded.

Seriously, do you want a president who wastes his time asking Anne Landers, or do you want a president who restores Christian Values to America? We lost so much ground under Clinton, with gays openly demoralizing the army, adultery in the oval orifice, and a general glorifying of wickedness. Some people believe 9/11 was God’s vengeance upon us for having lost our way, much like the Hebrews in the desert refused to obey God’s law as passed down through Moses; in both cases God had to correct the behavior of his wayward, but chosen, child. I might be one of those people.