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Praising God Is A Good Thing

June 5, 2008

God created the world we live in and he made it just rite for us.  HE put the earth at just the right distanse from the son so that we wouldnt be to hot or to cold.  He made gravity what we need for us to live.  Exactly the prefect amount of water so humans can survive.  Its great you can see from science how the world was made exactely how people need it to be.

And that’s a beatiful thing.  Plus God made all kinds of beauty for us to look at and sea that He loves us.  Like what our next president the war hero John MCCain said you can sea God every time you wach the sun set.
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A Girl What Loves Jesus

May 14, 2008

Noticed how this girl is still alive when the on who got a boob job was killed by the implants.  Instead.  This girl knows a wisdom athiests will never know.  Here’s her blog that impresed me it’s at and you should visit it to be reminded there are still good Christians in the world left still.

This brot a tear to my eyes:

if it wasn’t for Jesus living in me, i wouldn’t be the person i am… other people don’t always get that… whenever good stuff happens in my life now i thank God and then i’ll get some comment saying i should take the credit… but i can’t because every good thing in my life is from Him… even if it was something i accomplished, i accomplished it because He allowed me to or made me capable… i help people now for the glory of God, because it is what pleases Him and it’s the least i can do to say thank You for saving my sorry life…

Wow now that’s some moving poetry for Jesus.

And notice how He made her a beter person!

Miracles Still Happen With Prayer

April 19, 2008

I found out about another great Christian web site it has a list of miracles that happened at there church. Theres even stuff that happened a few days ago!! It just proves that God loves His children and answrs our prayers. About two weeks ago they prayed to God and He cured a deaf man who’s ear was cold. He also fixed people’s back pain.

This guy could never sleep before but God showed him how. And all kinds of miracles happened to this guy in Washinton DC. He healed another deaf guy and took away the pain in an old man’s arm by praying to God. He also calmed a drug adict down from to much marijuana. Two women got saved from their anorexia by God. God even cured cancer and AIDES which athiests who really dont understand health are sure going to say is impossible. This is because faith is a mystery to them, just like doubting thomas. If it doesn’t take medicaide it’s off the table.

God has done more miracles than I can even count, just at this one church by itself. Now think of all the others, all over the world. Saving people. Making there life better. Cureing them. This is love at it’s best. God even provides for the people who need it most. Just like Jesus said in the Gospel, that just like the birds don’t worry were there food is gonna come from if they don’t work to much, God also provides for His children, us.

Athiesm doesn’t work this way.

PS – And look, the girl that died from getting her breasts bigger could have just prayed instead.

Join Me In Prayer

April 5, 2008

Since I’ve takin to writing this web blog about what Christians go thrugh in today’s world, I’ve attracked the wrath of a lot of athiests and librals. I guess this is predictable. I mean, these ar the people who made the world into such a mess it’s in today. They have a vested intrest in keeping us away from God’s love, and they don’t want to see Christians comeing together to improve things.

Two of the most vocal critics are Chilly Crack Shack and Spider Man the athiest. These are 15 or 16 year old Nebraska boys, raised in a part of the country that’s not so terrible as the rest, and as God haters, that must bothers them. So they’ve lashed out a lot, each in their own ways. Crack Shack is a vile, repugnant little boy, but Spiderman ( that’s not really his name, it’s Shydeman or something like that but I never can remember exactly ) is a different sort. You can kind of tell that because he’s not raelly an athiest, he doesn’t seem to like them very much because he gets upset and says A-G-N-O-S-T-I-C if anyone calls him a athiest.

Well somebody started threatening Spiderman. Not just pointing out how he’s wrong but leeaving anonimess messages telling him to do violence to himself. ( And in fairness, Crack Shack is all about convincing Christians to do violence to themselves, and it’s wrong no matter who’s target. ) It’s obviously not a Christian harassing this poor boy.

So even though he has a foul mouth and a confused heart with too much hatred toward God in it, I’m asking all good Christians to join me in prayer for him. God has the power to keep this child safe so he can grow into a man and enjoy the life God invented for us to live out. And God might show him the way to let the hate out, and ultimately join a productive and meaningful Christian life. If God could do this for Nebuchadnezzar, the ancient king, why not for this child?

Wow. Oprah Thinks God is Jealous?

March 29, 2008

I can never remember if it’s Opera or Oprah. Anyway she thinks God is jealous of her because she had a spiritual experience with a flower. Typical athiest nonsense.

There’s a Christian blog called Pulpit Pimps and I think that’s young people rap talk. I don’t approve of that but the man who rites the web site has a very good idea, and I quote:

I suggest we make May 1, May Day, “Pray for Oprah Day.” It could only benefit her. And hey, she just might turn that huge financial and executive power into a force of Godliness. I’ll be a guest on “The Pastor’s Corner” this out of Sacramento this Friday night. The feedback I got from them so far was very positive. We will likely talk it up and see what develops around the web and around the Christian community.

As you know, I normally don’t even try to suggest that this or that person be prayed for. Most of the people who appear on this site, in these posts, are active and aggressive leeches, sucking the life from foolish and ignorant Christians. Most of them know what they are doing is wrong. Oprah, on the other hand, really doesn’t have a clue. She is indeed like a kid, eager to believe a lie. Wouldn’t it be an amazing sight if the Big O came on her show and announced that she had been wrong all these years? Hey, it happened to King Nebuchadnezzar. Why not Queen Oprah?

So if you think it’s a good idea or a waste of God’s time, go check out this other fine Christian web blog and share your opinion.

I can’t figure out what God might be jealous over Oprah though?  She only has the things He gave her.