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Join Me In Prayer

April 5, 2008

Since I’ve takin to writing this web blog about what Christians go thrugh in today’s world, I’ve attracked the wrath of a lot of athiests and librals. I guess this is predictable. I mean, these ar the people who made the world into such a mess it’s in today. They have a vested intrest in keeping us away from God’s love, and they don’t want to see Christians comeing together to improve things.

Two of the most vocal critics are Chilly Crack Shack and Spider Man the athiest. These are 15 or 16 year old Nebraska boys, raised in a part of the country that’s not so terrible as the rest, and as God haters, that must bothers them. So they’ve lashed out a lot, each in their own ways. Crack Shack is a vile, repugnant little boy, but Spiderman ( that’s not really his name, it’s Shydeman or something like that but I never can remember exactly ) is a different sort. You can kind of tell that because he’s not raelly an athiest, he doesn’t seem to like them very much because he gets upset and says A-G-N-O-S-T-I-C if anyone calls him a athiest.

Well somebody started threatening Spiderman. Not just pointing out how he’s wrong but leeaving anonimess messages telling him to do violence to himself. ( And in fairness, Crack Shack is all about convincing Christians to do violence to themselves, and it’s wrong no matter who’s target. ) It’s obviously not a Christian harassing this poor boy.

So even though he has a foul mouth and a confused heart with too much hatred toward God in it, I’m asking all good Christians to join me in prayer for him. God has the power to keep this child safe so he can grow into a man and enjoy the life God invented for us to live out. And God might show him the way to let the hate out, and ultimately join a productive and meaningful Christian life. If God could do this for Nebuchadnezzar, the ancient king, why not for this child?