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We Dont Want Barak Hussein Obama!

June 29, 2008

Obama lites up!A friend at church told me about some guy called Are Kelly. I looked it up on the internet and its true. Even the libral wikipedia was forced to admit what he done.

This is what someone else on the internet said:

Six years have gone by since we first heard the allegations that R. Kelly had filmed himself having sex with an underage girl. During that time we have seen the videotape being hawked on street corners in Black communities, as if the dehumanization of one of our own was not at stake. We have seen entertainers rally around him and watched his career reach new heights despite the grave possibility that he had molested and urinated on a 13-year old girl. We saw African Americans purchase millions of his records despite the long history of such charges swirling around the singer. Worst of all, we have witnessed the sad vision of Black people cheering his acquittal with a fervor usually reserved for community heroes and shaken our heads at the stunning lack of outrage over the verdict in the broader Black community.

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Lies of The Evil Zodiac

June 28, 2008

Zodiac astrology is the kind of thing evolution agenda people beleve in. This is why they have personality tests in scientology.

There are so many ways for Americans to turn there back on Jesus. Its fortune telling and astronomy that people are talking about a lot lately. I don’t no why eveybody wants to live in a place of sin and a culter of death. Its becaus they want us to be politicly correct and tolerate al kinds of sinners. Thats why God destroyed Saddam and Gomorrah. And we dont want to provoke God to do it again.
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Libtards Can’t TAke Are Guns Away Any More!

June 27, 2008

Take that DC gun control freaks! You cant have your monopoly ways anymore. No more fascism taking away sitizens rights so they can’t proptect themselves against the Democrat takeover thats coming if Barak Obama wins. The Supreme Court isnt so stacked with librals anymore so there starting to protect true Americans rights like they should.

Barak Obama Hussein Has Snake Oil

June 22, 2008

You really want a guy who maks people fainte like a bad magicain for president?

Dawkins Says Hitler Not Evil

June 20, 2008

It sais Hitler wasnt bad and that he wants to kill the jews to hury evilution up! Talk about delusion!

Chalenge for Evolution Agenda People

June 19, 2008

Darwins theory doesnt even make sense I’ll show you why and I chalenge the scientists to make up reasons or to just back down from the lies and tell us the trueth.

  1. The human eye is just way to involved and complecated to just be from random luck.  No animal had a blank forehead with just a bunch of skin and rinkes, then it had a eye.
  2. Half a eye is no good, and science says a animal with half a eye would be kilt.
  3. Even evolutioners admit having a eye is a good thing and your better of having one!
  4. Most of what hapens in Earth life is bad.  I new a guy who broke his leg.  But his kid didn’t have a broken leg, to.
  5. So heriditary doesnt even work!
  6. You ever no a mutation to be a good thing?

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If There Was A Global Warming

June 16, 2008

The poor cuntries should have to fix it anyway.  It doesnt effect us so its not are problem so we have no intrest to fixing it.  Its countries like Indonesia and Pakistan and Bolivia all the libral environmentals are threatning so those places should worry about it or ignore the nutjobs and they should leave us alone.  Its not are problem.

But global warming is just a hoax.  We al know that.  Its for politics and libral shame guilt and its for hurting industrys the librals dont like.  The scientsts debate it all the time but theres no agrement at all.  They used to say the industrys were causing a ice age back in 1970s and now they say its getting to hot.  Sure seems like its cold in a lot of places from what I heard.  All those valcanoes have more polution every year than the hole 6,000 years weve been around.
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Did The Hipies Gave Weed Up?

June 14, 2008

Here’s a quote from the modern day enviromental wackos:

“Technology is good and it can help our lives, but let’s not be fooled into thinking we can live without nature,” Peter Kahn, who led the research team, said in a statement.

It’s got a hiden message about how its are fault the dinosars went extinct from global warming.  Technology and capitolism is evil and nature is good.  W should just all live in caves in the dark.

Al Gore doesn’t live in the dark.  His electricty bill is more then a small cuontry like Panama.  You could powr up every light in Bethel Grove Alabama for what Al Gore spends on electrcity.  Al Gore has air conditioning and lots of lights and a refrigerator and all kinds of other stuff thats bad for the enviroment.  But he doesnt seem to care.  He wants YOU to give all this stuff up but he doesn’t beleive in global warming enuff to do it himself.
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Even Dawkins Beleves in God

June 13, 2008

But he’s pretty rong about what God is:  “God indeed exists, if only as a pattern in brain structures replicated across the minds of billions of people throughout the world.”

Serious threat or abuse of power

June 12, 2008

All th libtards say this man is Hitler just because he drove this:

Evolution Hasto Be Wrong

June 11, 2008

How did it all start?  Where did life came from?  Did monkeys just evolve out of rocks and then turn into people?

Battling The Femi-Nazis

June 9, 2008

Lara Doyles book The Surrendered Wife is a feminists nitemare.  They dont like if women make choices for there own happyness instead of for what the feminazi agenda wants.  They dont like surrendered wifes because its not man hating enouff.  But dont take my word for it.  Its not just me.  Its a growing world wide fenominon.  Heres a quote:


Feminism gives great lipservice to self determination for women, but when women make choices that the feminst elite don’t like, suddenly it’s not about choice, it’s about ideology. It seems that feminists don’t want women to do what men want, but what an elite group of privileged caucasian women want. Anything short of blatant misandry is decried as misogyny.

That means other people can see throgh it to.  And hers how the feminazis responded:

It makes me sad to see women basically sending the message to their daughters that they are worth less than men.

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Be Glad Hilory Clinton Is Out

June 8, 2008

When the going gets tuff, someone that quits is who we dont want for president.  Can you imagine?  What if Bush didnt got Saddam, and Hilary Clinton had to deal with him?  Things start to get a littel rough, and she gives up.  Its a democrat think, they all want  to fold up and go home in Iraq anyway.  But Hillory is a quitter, and it’s a lucky thing she lost.

Please Dont Vote 4 Barack Hussein Obama

June 7, 2008

Here’s 10 reasons why u should vote for John Mccain a war hero and not Barak Obama a Muslim who did cokaine.

  1. Change this!  Obama just taks about change al the time it’s like Hilary said he has no substance.  America is the best country in the world!  That’s not joking.  America is the best place you could possibly live and he wants to change that.  It just goes to the unAmerican that librals feel.
  2. Refuses to sware his allegience to America, and he refuses to wear a flag label pin.
  3. Wont pray on the Bible either.
  4. Wants to negotiat openly with terorists.
  5. Named after a Iraq dictator.
  6. Hes a dirty liberal.
  7. Wants to give up in the war against Iraq.  Now when were winning!
  8. No experience.  Doesn’t even vote in the House of Repersentatives when he’s to busy campaigning for more power.
  9. Obama wants to raise your taxes!
  10. Big goverment.

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