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Bring Back Debtor’s Prisons

October 25, 2009

This whole economic disaster Obama cant fix is caused by home loans.  People took out big morgages and borrowed money for houses they couldnt afford.  Most of them were really extravagent, like where you borrow money just by telling the bank what your salary is but without any proof.  ( Drug Dealer Loans. )  So people got all kinds of fancy stuff to impress other people they couldn’t afford.

But that’s not all.  Its also credit cards!  People can get a bankrupcy easier than making a phone call, so you can just borrow all the money you want and then not have to pay it back.  So whatever you buy is free.  You get to keep your stereo and video games and wireless computer and any other toys with other people’s money.

This is called stealing.  And one of the Ten Commandments says “THOU SHALT NOT STEAL.”  But it got so rampant thats how our economy is, they just charge the honest people more to support the thieves.  But there got to be so many people ripping the system off, that it collapsed under the weight of greedy materialist people with no morals who steal to get what they want.

It used to be there was a special prison for people who take advantage of other people helping them until there families paid there debt.  We stopped, and now there’s no money to be lent, crippling the economy.  We can’t afford to let petty theives turn us into a third world country.  We have to bring back debt prisons.

Dubai still has debter’s prisons, and they have a booming economy.

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We Should Just Bomb England

October 5, 2009

I think its from England anyway, cause he has the same homosexual accent as Richard Dawkins.  They both have that feminin tone to there voice, like they probably flick there wrist and sit down to pee.

But that’s not the point.  This is a gangster rap song about genetics.  It’s evolutionist propaganda, but it’s hidden inside the kind of entertainment thats popular nowadays.  So when kids go to the store and buy what they think is gonna be just like the newest Tupac or Will Smith albums, they’ll have there guard down, and lies will go into there head about “everything bad you do, your genes made you do it, so you don’t have to take any responsibility.”

England sent us LSD and the Beatles.  They sent us Harry Potter.  They sent us Richard Dorkins offensive book, and that kook Hitchens.  Plus they actually have death panels – they don’t let old people have medicine that would save there life because its too expensive because they have goverment communist health care.  England is a Godless country, a cess pool leaking poison out to harm are children.

You wouldn’t let your daughter go on dates with the guy who sells marijuana to school kids.  Well, England is a bad influnce to.  I think we should cut off contact with them.  Its not doing us any good.
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The Depravedness of Libral Democrats

September 21, 2009

This is some picturs from a libral tradition of celebrity awards.  Its just like the Oscars where they have George Cloony blab on and on about how much he hates George Bush, only they have all kinds of flavors.  This one is for music.

If you have kids, dont let them see this, and for the love of God, keep them away from these sleazy libral festivals on the TV.  I’m only showing you this because there ar a lot of good Christians out there that dont know how bad its got.

This is Madonna or Linsy Lohan or someone like that.

Sick and wrong

Sick and wrong

Now if you were this womans parents, would you be proud?
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Libtards Kill Fisheremen

February 22, 2009

They closed fishing of Alaska.  The hole Artic is some kind of unofficial marine santuary now, like a big national park.  What’s wrong with people?  They have this end of the world fantasy and now there closing stuff down.

Basicaly some moralizing librals decided fish is nature, so its wrong to eat them.  Like its a sin or something for America to have a livelyhood.  Its Gods PlanThese people, fishing is there job, and its how most people eat.  It’s not a sin!!  God made fish and there subserviant to humans, He put em there for us to eat.  And he made it so wed have to work for it, to keep us honest.  Fishing plays a role in Gods plan.

And its only cause they dont no!  Its not they say its gonna bring Armegeddon, they just don’t have any idea.  Typical libtard move, if there too stupid, they want to punish everyone and destroy capitalism.

Arctic Fishing Area Closed Due to Global Warming

Sunday February 8, 2009

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Obama’s White House is Imploding

February 5, 2009

He keeps hiring tax cheats who stole from America!  Worst job cuts month in history is when he took office.  Jan 2009.

He was gonna drain the swamps.  Said hed have the most ethical aministration in history.  Gonna get rid of revolving doors where people go from the senate to being lobbyists for pork barrels back to being in the senate.  And look at whats going on the last week or to.  Bunch of ex-senators have to step down cause they cheated on there taxs.
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Porn is getting worse! Web Porno!

December 9, 2008

So there not happy anymore just to sin against God with obsene images.  Now the pornographers are communists to!  Look what it says that people are racing to make more lewdness:

DVD sales are in free fall. Audiences are flocking to pornographic knockoffs of YouTube, especially a secretive site called YouPorn. And the amateurs are taking over. What’s happening to the adult-entertainment industry is exactly what’s happening to its Hollywood counterpart—only worse.

The news says YouPorn is the top site on the hole internet.  More than Yahoo and MySpace!  I never even heard of em, and look at this:

“It doesn’t make any sense!” Hirsch tells me a month later. It’s a hazy afternoon in June, and he is sitting behind his oak-slab desk, his eyes flickering between a pair of flat-screen monitors, one tuned to Bloomberg News and the other showing a YouPorn clip featuring a gaggle of naked women and an oxygen mask. “They’re giving porn awayi. You can’t make money on this.”

These ar depraved communists!  I gues thats the only kind.   Sinning against the instituion of marrage like there a bunch of homosexuals.  Makign a bunch of filth on the world.  But that’s not enuff!  Now they want to give it away on the streets of the internet, like Stalinists and Trotskyists.

Why would you want to do that?  Why go and add to your sin that way?  Like it’s not enough to take innocent yong girls and ruin them, but these people want to destroy capitalism, to.  Like the computer nerds with lunix.

How can we put a stop to this?
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Stupid Evolution Lovers

November 19, 2008

I was reading the Christian Blogs on Wordpres and saw a though was a good Christian web blog.  But its note!  I cant bleve the kind of filth people are alwed to print on the internet these days.  Look at this!  It’s called The Ape That Spoke and its a love poem for evolution.  Talks about all kinds of stupid junk like how people are retard babes from monkeys having sex.  We have laws about obsense and seems like they dont apply to when librals brake them.  It’s really kind of sad.  This is what keeps us in a world that God cant be proud of.  Why do we “tolerate” this kind of rubish?
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Obamas Already Hurting America

November 14, 2008

Holy wow look at this!  Look what the librals are doing.  There gonna do drugs and dance in teh street to block traffick on us.


I new he was gonna give up in Iraq.  He already blinked.  But look at all the obscene in here.

Maximum Wage Law Suceeds????!?@??!?!

These people have evil dreams and hearts of coal.

We Need the Recount!!

November 8, 2008

How come evry time theres a lection where Republicans win they screeam “vote fraud” at the moon!  But now that ACORN bought all the votes using crack for people and every single last one of the African Americans all voted for Obama like some kind of sick sonspiracy, none of them care about hte voter fraud that got Obama elected?  It’s the same thing with Jon Kenedy, he was only president cause a million dead people voted for him in Chicago.  Thats a lot of vote frauud – just right there in that one state.  Plus all the rest like California and Massachussettes and New York.

Folks the democrats stole this election in both forms of goverment and they want you to think there nothing you can do about it.  But there lying to you.  Theres somethin we can all do.  Its called rite your congressman.  And your senators.  Heck, rite all of them.  Especially the Republicans cause they know it was vote fraud that cost them all there dream, which is only to make America a better place.

Obamas gonna make guns illegal, and then hes gonna take away all the guns.  Except hte ones the criminals and drug dealers and pimps have, thats the flaw in the libral mentality of anti guns.  Its like they can put the geney back in the bottle or something.  Anyway hes gonna take away all the guns and hen hes gonna legalize pot and make abortion legal everywhere.  Hes gonna raise your taxes and put small businesses out of business.  And donate all the money to poor people in Africa and Sudan.
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Don’t Vote For The Negro

November 3, 2008

Look the eelection is only two moore days until now.  Were picking a President of AMERICA folks, not some kinda American Idol singer.  Sure Barak Hussein Obama has a silver tonuge.  And he wants to use it to sit down and talk to all are enemys and buddy up to them like his terrorist palls.  And let them destroy Isreal.

He gets up on he stage and rants and it reminds me of an angry negro.  I don’t like that.  And you no you don’t like it to.

Dont vote for this shallow Hollyweird man.
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Obama Palls Wth Murderers To? Suicidals To.

October 30, 2008

Heres a news story I just red. Obama’s budy on the looney extremist libral left winger site HuffingtonPo, killed her boyfriend by stabbing him a hole buncha times, then killed herself.  And Obama palls around with her!  Theres a saying show me your friends and itll show me what htey say about you.

I Told You Barak Hussein Wasa Terrorist

October 5, 2008

His best friend from college was a domestic terrorist!  I told you not to trust a Arab president.

Sara Palin Gonna Save the Republicans

September 24, 2008

I just read about how Sarah Palins gonna save us all.  Noticed how all hte librals went right on the attack cause they hate her?  That means shes good shes gonna fix America and they hate America and they hate success that’s what librals do.  So when librals swarm on the attack and go after the poor girls preggnant dauter, you know there really desprate.

I almost wanted to just give up cause Mccains such a libral, but now with Jessica Palin there gonna make America right!  I’m so exited!

A really good comment

September 16, 2008

It sayd:

I dunno even though he picked such an awesome running mate, I don’t think that he’ll be christian enough for me to leave my home and vote. I am afraid that a McCain white house won’t find a way to fix our economy. Finally doing god’s work and banning abortions and killing all them terrorists will finally bring the kingdom of heaven to earth but right now I need a job to support my family. We have seven kids and we are good christian god loving people but several months ago the factory i worked at closed down and was shipped over to China, another evil atheist country!! I haven’t yet found a job. The bills are piling up and I’m looking at foreclosure.

I gotta agree with a coupel of things in here that:

  1. John Mccain just isnt conservative enough.  They shoulda picked Huckabee Instead.
  2. Sarah Palin is super conservitave.  She makes up for Mccain even if he’s a libral in a lot of ways.
  3. We gotta stop them Chinese stealing good American jobs!!1
  4. Palins got executive experience.

Its hard to go vote for John Mccain and I’m not even sur its such a good idea to give a woman that kinda power.  But it cant be worse than Hillory and Barack Hussein Obama.

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