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God Is a Conservative

November 10, 2009

I guess that’s like saying the sun is warm and water is blue.  Being a conservitave is all about keeping God’s law.  In the world.  Think about it.  Librals are always the ones who try to turn every society there in against God’s tradition.

Here’s 10 proofs.

  1. Killing babys?  That’s a libral thing to do.  Some activist judges made the wrong call in Roe vs. Wade (who lied about being raped by the way under oath!) and now every libral in America wants the goverment to pay for free abortions for all, and call it “health care”.
  2. Family.  Only conservative puts a focus on the family.  That means marriage is important, that means not killing children but growing them up instead.  Showing your son how to be a man.
  3. The Ten Commandments.  The libtarded ACLU actually made this illegal.  What more can I say?
  4. Evolution.  This is an athiest ploy, but it’s the librals that fell for it.  The democrat party wants us to think there the ones that are all about science so they suck up, and push evolution down your childrens throats in school.
  5. Michael Moore.  He’s like the Antichrist’s retarded brother.
  6. Israel.  Ever notice that all left wing radicals are palestine sympathizers who want to see are friends the Jews wiped off the map?
  7. Morals.  Sensative librals made it illegal for parents to spank there children.  They took morality out of the schools, so children grow up not learning how to be upstanding citizens members of society.  The world is falling apart because of the evrything goes experiment they’ve been allowed to pull off ever since Kennedy was president.  Look at the blatant sex all over the TV!
  8. Drugs.  Were taught the body is a temple, but the democrat party wants to legalize drugs.  Obama said they won’t prosecute marijuana anymore.
  9. Cultural filth.  See what the Hollyweird crowd did to us?  Brittney Spears on the magazines in grocery stores where mothers go shopping with there childen.  It’s the kind of decay like when Rome fell to the pagans.  Most young people would rather do blasphemy than go to church anymore, and street crime is rampant, citys aren’t safe places anymore.
  10. Terrorism.  Librals hate Jesus Christ, but they’re all super friendly with the Islamists.  It’s all about appologizing for Allah, letting terrorists go, and closing Guantanamo so we can get hit again.  God helps us when we help ourself.

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What Libtards Believe

October 29, 2009

I found this web blog called “DPROGRAM Making Propaganda.”  Actually it says the opposite but thats what they do.  The bunch of advertisements and banners and buttons just blew me away.  I went and came back a couple times and I think some of em change, but most stay the same.  Cause there ones the librals love best.

Here’s some of what I found.  Warning its all conspiracy theory.

  • Bloodlines of the Illumaniti
  • The “Other” Israel
  • Freemasonry
  • 9/11 Mystery
  • 9/11 The “Myth” and the “Reality”
  • 9/11 The Greatest Lie Ever Sold
  • And a ad for Hemp USA

The 9/11 stuff is insulting.  These morons think George Bush attacked America just because they have a personal problem with him, and are paranoid.  Nutjobs just cant even have respect for a tragedy and have to go around rubbing salt in everybody wound because they have some kind of paranoid fantasy.
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This Kinda Crap Should Be Ilegal

August 27, 2008

Bush is right, there outta be a limits to freedom.  I found this on the internet from a Christian site that I guess is fallen.  Look at this – why are we allowing this kind of blashphemy?  There’s just no good reason for it.  Contributes nothing to soceity.  Athiesm itself never contributed anything at all to society either.

Tell me how thats legal!!

Tell me how that's legal!!

I just wanna point out how Jesus’s sacrafice he made for us isn’t a joke.  That’s alll.  I’m so greatful for what Jesus Christ gave up and died on the cross of torture to pay are debt for sin!  He took that on so we could live with God forever in Heaven.  For us.  You and me.  We should all give thanks instad of laughing at Jesus!
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I Think Devil’s Are Mocking Us

April 11, 2008

I found what I thout was a good Christian web site when I asked Yahoo to tell me about great actors since Ronald Reagan. It said Bill Murry and their right. His grand mother is that wacky atheist lady that killed herself in the desert and used to b on TV. He was never ok with that.

Another post says “Here’s the deal people. Nearly 50% of Americans are skinny. This is the real epidemic. It’s full of filthy atheists, hippies, and pinko bastards that hate America.”

But they have a post about ice cream cones turning people gay. I thought about it for a minute and i think it doesn’t make a real man gay but it might encourage gay behavior. But when I read it it sounds like a pornographic story. There’s a article saying we should round up the Mexicans and make slaves out of them instead of send them back to Mexico. And then another post says Rename The Earth As America but is that even really a good idea? I mean I think we should go show Russia once and for all if we say their’s going to be a missle shield there’s gonna be one. But we don’t want to have to deal with there problems.

The web blog uses a lot of foul languge just like my athiest critics. It also says that using words like dude and no way and peace will send you to Hell but that’s just not true. It even says Canada is a part of America you shoud avoid.

This really makes me angry. I’ll pray for the man’s soul because if he doesn’t change his way’s he’ll need more help that any of us can give him. This guy is openly making fun of God. He just offended a billion Christians.

Canada Has Lousy Health

April 6, 2008

That’s what librals keep saying, let’s be communist like Canada. That’s cause every time a Christian is elected they cry in their beer how they’re going to move to Canada, then they never do. I don’t know why not, I heard the favorite hippy drug marijana is legal up there.

It’s so bad the Canadans visit here for medical tourism.  And they pay outta there own pocket just to get a good doctor like they don’t have up there in commie land.  Because in Canada a doctor is about as qalified as a pizza delivery guy.  They don’t have any kind of capitalism to incentive smart people to be doctors so they take what they can get.